Product Review: Alphabet & Number Clay Stampers (Toddler+)

Product Review:  Alphabet & Number Clay Stampers (Toddler+)

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We are dough crazy in our house.  My poor mom spent most of her trip in Austin visiting Brooke and making dough cars out of every color in our house.  “More cars please, Grandma!”.  Yeah, she couldn’t resist her requests.  She then moved on to making dough fish and then back to cars.  Brooke also has a dough rolling pin and a dough cutter that she uses frequently.  Like I said, she is a dough nut.  I was pretty impressed to see they make dough stampers with the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 9 for children.  Aha!  Genius!  Not only does Brooke get in her dough time, she is also working with the alphabet and numbers.  Love it!

The Alphabet & Number Clay Stampers come in a pack of 36 stampers.  There are 26 alphabet stampers and numerals from 0 to 9.  The samples are a nice size for tiny hands of 4 3/4 inches long x 3/4 inch diameter.  Not only can the stamps be used for dough, it can also be used with clay or paint.  This is definitely a toy that we will be using for a long time.  We are enjoying writing words in her colored dough, especially our names!

Alphabet & Number Clay Stampers (Toddler+)

List Price:  $29.99

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