Product Review: Brainymats Educational Placemats (Preschool+)

Product Review:  Brainymats Educational Placemats (Preschool+)

Children Can Learn While They Eat!

Ever since Brooke had her own spot at our dining room table sans her high chair, we have always used a placemat.  Since I am always trying to make simple and fun things educational, we started out with country maps and alphabet placemats.  I had no idea if she was paying attention as I pointed out different provinces of France or showed her how to trace the ABCs until one day she pointed to her placemat and said, ‘Mexico’! And, it was!  So, of course, I decided to keep up the placemat game and have started to do different rotations of mats every other day.  This whole story leads me to Brainymat Educational Placemats.  They are quickly becoming a household name and they have such UNIQUE educational placemats on a variety of subjects so Brooke never gets bored.

BrainyMats creates and sells a wide variety of educational placemats for kids of all ages and proudly creates this product 100% in the USA.  We love the nice large size (11 3/4″ x 17 3/4″) so clean up is always at a minimum.  The mats are laminated and are easy to wipe off, even easy to wipe off crayon markings!  My favorite ones are the Presidents Placemat (up to date to Obama) and the Place Setting and Manners.  If you have older children there are many categories of placemats they will enjoy; such as Math, Geography, Science and History.  Great product!

Check it out!  Here is the link to all of their Early Learning Placemats.  The creator of the products, Phil, told me the most popular of the mats is the Alphabet Letters.

Brainymats Educational Placemats (Preschool+)

List Price: $7.75 (through

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