Product Review: Bob-Along: Numbers {Vinyl Bath Book} (Ages 1-3)

Product Review:  Bob-Along: Numbers {Vinyl Bath Book} (Ages 1-3)

Bath Books that Float!  New from August 2012!

Toddlers and Preschoolers love books that float and the Barron’s Educational Series of Bob-Along are fun vinyl books perfect for bath time.  This 8-page fold out book offers precious bath time minutes to parents who simply get to enjoy watching their child read after washing up for the night.  Brooke gets very picky about her books and has to make sure her Numbers book is in the bath water before she gets in.  She loves water animals, especially whales, and enjoys pointing out the aquatic life on top of the numbers.  The vinyl books are filled with a bean-bag-like substance (Brooke calls it her bean-bag book) and the animals actually look like they are floating on top of  the water.  Really cool.  Since we are a family of readers, bath time is no exception.  Now, if they only made vinyl magazines for parents, we’d be in business!  Oh, don’t forget to check out the Bob-Along: Colors Vinyl Bath Book, too!

About Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. began in 1941 in Hauppauge, NY and is America’s leading publisher of test preparation manuals and school directories.  Barron is known for its SAT and ACT test prep books but in recent years has extended its catalog in other areas including children’s book.  Check out their children’s catalog here including a great selection of activity kits!

Bob-Along: Numbers {Vinyl Bath Book} (Ages 1-3)

List Price: $ 5.99

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