Product Review: American Heroes CD by Jon Sprout (All Ages)

Product Review:  American Heroes CD by Jon Sprout (All Ages)

Music that Delights & Inspires Children

If you want some real heroes who defined history and made their mark in a positive way for our country, look no further than the American Heroes CD collection by the veteran musician, Jon Sprout.  This album is fun, informative and musically exceptional (the third album in this series is Grammy-nominated).  I was silently offended when at a school in Spain in my younger days a young French man in my class cornered me and told me that he thought all Americans were fat, stupid, and lazy, had no redeeming qualities and ate too much McDonalds.  Although I certainly didn’t and don’t feel that way, I did not know how to respond.  Even if the media can sometimes shove it down our throat that our country is going to the pits, I have seen first-hand, over and over, the hard working people of this country that will pull out their pocketbooks and sweat for others when the need arises.  Americans continue to be generous with foreign aid, scientific research, and Internet offerings that benefit people from all other nations who choose to use it.  I am still in awe when Bob’s grandmother, who was a young girl in Berlin during WWII, tells of how the Americans saved her from starvation and gave her a job helping build an airstrip where she met her future husband, a Battle of the Bulge Veteran.  These are real stories and real lives and we need to be reminded that while athletes and singers can be applauded for their talents, the real heroes of our country are the ones that demonstrate leadership, courage and compassion.  For Americans reading this, let’s be proud and celebrate those who have made a significant improvement in others lives to make this country a better place and let’s aspire to teach our children that the real role models in life should be these heroes.

Track Listing

1. Prologue
2. The Light Went On (Thomas Edison)
3. Sacajawea
4. Washington’s Hat (George Washington)
5. Martin (Luther King, Jr.)
6. Amelia (Earhart)
7. Take A Ride (Harriet Tubman)
8. Ben Franklin
9. Angel of Mercy (Clara Barton)
10. All Across the Land (Abraham Lincoln)
11. Heroes

Bonus!  For you musicians out there, here is the sheet music for Heroes!

Note:  Today marks Patriot’s Day to honor all Americans who acted bravely and worked selflessly for those in need following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks against the United States.  You are truly American Heroes.

American Heroes CD by Jon Sprout (All Ages)

List Price: $ 13.99 (through

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