BigFoot Fun Book!: Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Fun Facts! (Bigfoot Search and Find) (Happy Fox Books)

BigFoot Fun Book!: Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Fun Facts! (Bigfoot Search and Find) (Happy Fox Books)

This big book is the first-ever kid’s activity book featuring the lovable furry humanoid, BigFoot!

Shy and reclusive, BigFoot spends most of his time in the deep dark woods, rarely spotted by humankind. But every now and then he leaves his remote retreat, and travels the world for vacation fun!  These new seek and find books feature friendly and adventurous BigFoot. Here, BigFoot travels around the world and the challenge is to find him in the sea of activity. Along the way, facts and pictures accompany each scene to help you learn more about fun activities.  Inside BigFoot Fun Book! young readers will discover 128 pages of entertaining activities, including whimsical mazes, seek and find puzzles, word search games, fun drawings, coloring pages, and more.

  • Sharpen your search & find skills by locating the elusive BigFoot
  • 80 awesome stickers
  • Mind-boggling mazes
  • Search and find puzzles
  • Word search games
  • Dynamic drawings
  • Cool coloring pages
  • Fun facts and trivia
  • Crossword conundrums
  • Fun and educational facts & illustrations

The activity book is a treasure trove of engaging activities such as mazes, word search games, dot-to-dot pictures, coloring, and of course his classic seek-and-find activities. As with his other BigFoot books, the activity book is intended to help children learn about the world in an engaging and exciting way. As an added bonus, the book also includes animal stickers.

About the Author:  As with Bigfoot, D.L. Miller is a bit on the reclusive side, rarely seen in public, spending most of his days sketching from his studio located among the mighty oak trees only found in the deep dark woodlands far off the beaten path. After spending decades learning the habits of the elusive bipedal humanoid, he has finally agreed to share his illustrative journals that capture the sightings of this larger-than-life creature that has mystified generations.

List Price: $ 14.99

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