Family friendly card game re enforces kindness (Stocking Stuffer Recommendation)


Family friendly card game re enforces kindness (Stocking Stuffer Recommendation)

Less small talk, more genuine conversations

Need a ‘safe game to play’ during the holidays for ‘opinionated families’?!?  I hear you! 
Engaging in meaningful conversations with children has become increasingly difficult in today’s online world. Luckily, Vertellis has introduced a new edition to their popular card games for parents and their children over 8-years-old that re-enforces meaningful conversation and kindness.  Prompted by questions, points are earned by starting and engaging in meaningful conversations. It’s a fun, interactive way to bring the family together.
Vertellis is Dutch and translates as “tell me more”. The game retails for $19.99 and available on their website and Amazon.
Vertellis Family
This is my ‘safe game to play’ during the holidays.  Ahem! LOL.  I don’t have to look far for an example of such family, so I was able to test it out on my own ‘Bacon’ family.   The Vertellis team mission is to bring people together at a time when we seem to be distracted by technology and ambition. The hopes to make a positive impact in the world by facilitating beautiful conversations and stimulate time offline was certainly true during our family time playing! Love!
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