Best Wishes for 2019 Photo Card (Holiday Card Recommendation, @PinholePress)

Best Wishes for 2018 Photo Card (Holiday Card Recommendation, @PinholePress)

Spreading Smiles Near & Far with beautifully simple photo gifts.

Pinpoint Press is an awesome company that has a main focus of creating personalized photo gifts. That said, after checking out their website there is so many different options you can create and give using photos as your main medium. This isn’t limited to cards or photo books and albums alone. There are also frames and flat books that can be very suitable for other needs. While Pinpoint Press has a focus on the personal needs of their clients by making sure they preserve their most precious memories as creatively and as beautifully as possible, the products can also be used by commercial establishments, should it fit their purpose.

Regarding my recommendation for holiday gifts, I began by looking at the photo books after it was personally recommended by the company’s fantastic customer representative named Kelly.  She was right, I loved this option as gifts!  There are different kinds of photo books from soft covers to hard-covered ones depending on your preference. What I like about it is you can customize according to your preference. You’ll be given the option to let the Pinpoint Press team do the designing for you (they will ask your guidelines and style preferences, of course), or if you’re feeling creative, you can start from scratch and design it on your own. Photo books start as low as $14.99.

However, I was even more excited about another Pinpoint Press option that fit my needs which Kelly also recommended!

Each year, I take time to gather my family to get a lovely picture that represents our family’s intentions of showing and sending love to our most favorite people each holiday season.  I am mindful of the various faiths of my loved ones, so I look for something with holiday spirit, plenty of love and SUPER best wishes for the coming year.  Pinhole Press had THE perfect holiday card option for my annual holiday family photo card this year!

Best Wishes for 2019 Photo Card (Holiday Card Recommendation, @PinholePress)

As low as $1.59

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