Back to Pool: Swim Season Gear to Protect Athletes’ Ears

Back to Pool: Swim Season Gear to Protect Athletes’ Ears

Cirrus Healthcare Products offers a range of innovative, affordable products for the travel and personal needs of consumers.

It’s HALLOWEEN tomorrow and if you are like me, you are wondering how you survived the rush of ‘Back to School’ to going into the awesome holiday season!  If you are a ‘Sports Parent, this also means you’ve been frantically staying on top of back to school sports.  This post is dedicated to the swim season parents regarding a cool new swim gear for swimmer’s ear!

While most solutions for swimmer’s ear include ear drops containing alcohol to disinfect the ear, leading to in-ear dryness and concern for continual use, many parents are wishing for the day an all-natural, affordable and easy-to-use product will become available. Well look no further than … ClearEars (from Cirrus Healthcare, the makers of EarPlanes):

How They Work (and Why You Need Them):

·         ClearEars are a water-removing earplug device

·         The revolutionary, patent-pending product is a soft comfortable earplug containing FDA-approved polymer which draws water from the ears

·         Works quickly in 5-10 minutes – perfect for a fussy child suffering from swimmer’s ear this summer season

·         Alcohol free, dries and relieves the ears

·         More convenient than ear drops providing on the spot, all natural relief


Click here for the review from the Wall Street Journal.

Click here to read product review from

$5.95 ($0.60 / Count) (Available on Amazon Prime)



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