The Arrow Magnetic Sun Readers (Gifts for Dads)

The Arrow Magnetic Sun Readers (Gifts for Dads)

Men’s and women’s reading glasses, sun readers, & computer glasses in a variety of powers. 700+ styles for less than $20.

As we age, our eyes change.  Around age 40, something interesting happens.  You may not be able to see fine print as well as before.  Magnifying glasses called ‘Readers’ are easy to find in most pharmacy sections and are relatively inexpensive and range in the most common magnifying powers of +1.00 to +3.00.  However, trendy readers with sun protection options are not something you can usually find off the shelf.  Luckily, companies like have a fantastic eye wear collection of readers that is also easy on the wallet!

Check out’s awesome Arrow Magnetic Sun Reader! These round frames have clear, fully magnified lenses and a colorfully mirrored, tinted front piece that magnetically attaches to turn them into sun readers instantly.   The tinted front piece offers 99% UVA/UVB Sun Protection and you can choose between a blue or green tint.  My husband isn’t too fond of needing his reading glasses and used to ‘conveniently’ leave them at home, so he couldn’t read menus or forms at the dentist!  He loves how the Arrow Magnetic Sun Readers look on him and I’m happy to say he is sporting them often.  Yay! is an Indiana-based company that offers a wide selection of cool reading glass styles for men and women with lots of specialized features.  Need a reading power higher than +3.00? That is hard to find in the store, so curated a collection of readers available up to +7.00!  Check out their website for more options and be sure to look at social media accounts for the latest deals and discounts.

The Arrow Magnetic Sun Readers (Gifts for Dads)

List Price: $ 15.95

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