New Children’s Book on Weddings in India Added to Best-Selling Series

New Children’s Book on Weddings in India Added to Best-Selling Series

In this multicultural and educational series from Bollywood Groove, join Maya, Neel and their pet squirrel, Chintu, as they visit New Delhi to celebrate an Indian Wedding!

Chicago authors Ajanta Chakraborty and her husband Vivek Kumar have released the latest book in their best-selling Maya & Neel’s India Adventure Book Series. Ajanta and Vivek co-founded Bollywood Groove, which is an award-winning dance, fitness, and education company based in Chicago that seeks to connect the world to joy through Indian culture and artistic expressions. Their Maya & Neel India Adventure Book Series is a best-seller on Amazon and was designed with one objective in mind – to create a fun, multicultural and educational series to teach children about the rich and beautiful cultural diversity of India and its festivals. The books also aim to create citizens of the world that believe in tolerance, acceptance, and curiosity about how others live. Through educational stories and beautiful illustrations, kids learn about food, language, and cultural elements of India, all while making new best friends in Maya, Neel, and their pet squirrel, Chintu.


The newest book in the series, Let’s Celebrate An Indian Wedding!, teachers children about cultural elements, food, and language related to weddings in India.

** Book Includes: **

INFO-ZOOM: Weddings around India

INFO-RECAP: Pictorial summary of India Wedding

** Parents: ** The books provide a glimpse into the beautiful cultural diversity of India, including occasional mythology references.**

Over 10,000 books have been sold since the first book was published in October 2016.  They are available worldwide in paperback,hardcover, and Kindle formats on Amazon, where they have received over 1605-star ratings.  The books will soon be available in independent book stores throughout Chicago.
Books include:
Upcoming Titles: **Let’s Celebrate Ganesha’s Birthday!
Bollywood Dance and Fitness Classes in Chicago Bollywood Groove teaches more than 20 kids classes all over Chicago.  The kid’s classes use Bollywood as an educational medium to teach Indian dance, culture, language and more.In every session, kids learn a dance from a region of India as well as a related cultural concept, which is taught using the Maya & Neel books, craft activities, and the dance itself. Bollywood Groove is the only dance company in the country to offer this specialized curriculum.
About the Founders:  Bollywood Groove was co-founded by Ajanta Chakraborty and her husband Vivek Kumar.  Ajanta has an MS in Computer Science and a Senior Diploma in Bharatnatyam, which is a genre of Indian classical dance.  Ajanta quit her corporate consulting job in 2011and took the plunge to run Bollywood Groove full-time.She has been performing since she was young and has more than 10 years of experience in teaching dance and fitness classes.  Vivek graduated from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and works full-time for a management consulting company in Chicago


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