Relax and unwind with the new Scratch & Create books from The Quarto Group!

Relax and unwind with the new Scratch & Create books from The Quarto Group!

Take some time to relax and unwind with Scratch & Create Art!

Scratch and create is the newest form of art therapy for kids and adults! Reconnect with your creativity, reduce stress, and unwind form a long day by scratching your artistic itch with Folk Art Flowers and Enchanted Animals.  With the included stylus, you can embark immediately on your scratch and create journey with both of our new books. When your meditation is complete, you will have charming work of art to display and share—and each page is perforated for easy removal.


Folk Art Flowers

Enchanting floral designs emerge as you scratch away the metallic coating of the twenty tear-out postcards of Scratch & Create Folk Art Flowers. Using the included stylus, you will reveal the colorful artwork of Chilean illustrator Maya Hanisch.

Scratch & Create Folk Art Flowers
by Maya Hanisch
Paperback, 20 pages
US $9.99, CAN: $12.99
Rockport Publishers

Enchanted Animals

Scuff, scrape, and scratch dark metallic coating away to create inspirational and decorative illustrations of rabbits and dandelions, raccoons, owls, foxes, and a whole forest of enchanting wildlife.

Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals
by Marisa Redondo
Paperback, 20 pages
US $19.99, CAN $25.99
Rockport Publishers

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