The Must-have Kids’ Craft Books of the Summer

The Must-have Kids’ Craft Books of the Summer

“Need a few moments to get some work done or unload the dishwasher? Foam! . . . This ingenious product will engage your toddler, letting [him or her] learn while [he or she] play[s] and allowing you to take care of business.” — SHEKNOWS.COM

Suzanne McNeill has been called the “Trendsetter of the Craft Industry” and was voted “Designer of the Year” by the Craft & Hobby Association. As author of over 200 craft and hobby books, she has spent much of her life creating every type of craft you can think of. This summer, she releases two craft books that are just what the kids ordered. Foam Crafts for Kids and Vacation Crafting are set for release this July from Fox Chapel Publishing.

Foam Crafts for Kids, $17.99

  • Over 100 fun crafts for children to make from sheets of colorful craft foam
  • Over 350 photos, plus supply lists, easy-to follow instructions, and full-size patterns
  • Boys and girls ages 4 to 10 can complete any of these easy projects with minimal supervision
  • Kids will learn to make puppets, pencil toppers, masks, head bobbers, animal boxes, purses, belt pockets, refrigerator magnets, & more
  • Perfect for parties, rainy days, camp activities, and after-school projects

In both books, Suzanne expertly provides nostalgic and traditional summer camp craft ideas, plus more trendy Pinterest-worthy projects as well. Suzanne has made sure to provide crafts for a range of ages as well. She knows the importance of making sure all kids are included and have age-appropriate projects to make each child feel accomplished. As a mother and grandmother, she understands the special impact that crafts can have on developing children and their self-esteem.

“I’ve always enjoyed sharing my love of crafting with my family,” she says. “When your family steps away from the electronic devices and takes the time to create with one another, you’ll be surprised at how many laughs and meaningful memories you’ll be making together.”

Vacation Crafting, $16.99

  • Over 150 projects for both boys and girls ages 4 to 12
  • Kids learn to make fun new items like friendship bracelets, woven potholders, pony bead animals, plastic lanyards, wire art, rubber band jewelry, foam crafts, scoubidou, paracord gear, and more
  • Perfect for parties, scout meetings, rainy days, camp activities, after-school projects, and family vacations
  • Color photos, supply lists, easy-to follow instructions, and full size patterns are all kid-friendly and make it easy to supervise

McNeill has also observed how much practical knowledge her children and grandchildren have gained from crafting together. “When children create, they learn that there is value in completing a project from start to finish because the end result is well worth it. There is nothing greater than watching a child’s eyes shine with pride as they gaze upon their newly finished creation.”

About the Author:  Suzanne McNeill is the author of more than 200 craft & hobby books, including Joy of Zentangle, The Beauty of Zentangle, the 11-volume Zentangle series, and Zen Mandalas. Suzanne founded the leading publisher of Zentangle books, Design Originals (an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing). She was voted “Designer of the Year” and received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Craft & Hobby Association. Suzanne has been called “the trendsetter” of the arts and crafts industry.

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