New bilingual early childhood books with Platypus Media

New bilingual early childhood books with Platypus Media

Resources for Families, Teachers, and Parenting Professionals
There are so many wonderful resources out there for families who want to incorporate a second language in the home.  Platypus Media recently put out a book called Cuddled and Carried / Consentido y cargado that includes beautiful images of animals and human families that is in both English and Spanish.  Their website offers a FREE downloadable teacher’s guide, a pronunciation guide, as well as a way to hear the book narrated!  Fantastic!  This is a wonderful early childhood STEM book on language and is also a great book that models care-taking and healthy choices in families.  We are very impressed with the book and the extra learning materials that Platypus Media offers and look forward to new books from the company.
Hardback: $14.95  |  Paperback: $9.95  |  eBook: $8.99
This beautiful bilingual book celebrates the bond between parent and child in the animal kingdom.  Babies—whether in snowy dens, warm lagoons, cozy nests, or living rooms—are carried and cuddled, nurtured and nuzzled. Stunning images and gentle verse will capture the curiosity of even the youngest readers as they see how animal mothers tend to their cubs, pups, calves, and chicks.Beautiful images introduce the reader to attachment in the natural world. Watching mothers lend a paw, wing, flipper, or hand to care for their young fosters empathy, kindness, and compassion. Supplemental back matter and a free Teacher’s Guide helps parents, librarians, educators, and healthcare providers creatively describe caretaking, while introducing a range of early science concepts.
Free downloadable Teacher’s Guide available in English and Spanish
About the Author:  Dia L. Michels is an internationally published, award-winning science and parenting writer who has authored or edited over a dozen books for both children and adults. While her topics include science and math books for middle grade students, her passion is promoting attachment parenting and supporting breastfeeding. Her books have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, and Hebrew. A popular speaker, she lectures frequently at conferences, universities, libraries, and schools around the country. The mother of three grown children, she lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., with four cats and a dog. She can be reached at
About the Illustrator:  Mike Speiser’s artwork has been featured on the covers of Wild Animal Baby magazine and on fundraising products for science organizations. His paintings have been displayed at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. He is involved with efforts to protect the natural world for future generations. He lives next to the Black Hills of South Dakota. He can be reached at

“What a gentle book! It nurtures a child’s empathy for others and opens their eyes to the world of nature. Very sweet and educational.”​—Dr. Harvey Karp, FAAP, author, The Happiest Baby on the Block

“A beautifully and realistically illustrated book that briefly introduces how animals care for their young. Young children will enjoy seeing care-taking by familiar animals and learning about new ones. A good choice for first graders to meet NGSS performance expectation 1-LS1-2 to read to ‘determine patterns in behavior of parents and offspring that help offspring survive.’ The book places humans squarely in the Animalia kingdom, rather than setting us apart from all others, inviting comparisons between species.”​—Peggy Ashbrook, early childhood science educator and author of Science Learning in the Early Years

“Captivating images, beautiful but simple poetry and a great information resource for teachers make Cuddled and Carried a must-have in any home and school classroom library. My 5 and 6 year olds were captivated by the message and beautiful images. I strongly recommend this book!”​—José Avilés, Head of School, Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School, Wilmington, Delaware.

Hardback: $14.95  |  Paperback: $9.95  |  eBook: $8.99

Elementary school librarian, children’s book author, and mother of three, Phoebe Fox wrote Babies Nurse · Así se alimentan los bebés to show children that all mammals provide milk for their babies. Fox sought to emphasize the warmth and beauty of nursing while demonstrating that all mammals share certain approaches to feeding, protecting, and teaching their young. With degrees in Early Childhood Development and Curriculum Instruction, Phoebe was particularly well positioned to present this information in a way that young readers will respond to. Drawing on her own experiences as a breastfeeding mother, and wanting to present clear and accurate information about this “natural art,” she consulted zoologists and pediatricians to put together this deceptively simple introduction.  The book’s overarching theme of breastfeeding inspires conversations about parenting, biology, habitats, survival, and more, making this book an engaging choice for young children as well as elementary school readers.

Free downloadable Teacher’s Guide available in English and Spanish

About the Author: Phoebe Fox is a teacher, librarian, and author. She wrote Babies Nurse / Bebes Maman to highlight the natural beauty of breastfeeding. Her other books include Starry’s Haricut and the First Edition Project’s 2015 Selection, Up Up Up. Visit her at Fox lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband and their three sons. She can be reached at
About the Illustrator:  When it came time to find an illustrator for the book, Phoebe asked her father-in-law, Jim Fox, if he would accept the task. Retired from the NBA where he played for the Phoenix Suns, Jim was himself a recipient of plenty of his own mother’s milk and says the benefits are obvious: he is 6’ 10”, healthy, and has produced wonderful kids and grandkids. The grandfather of five believes that nursing is a child’s best start in life. Jim lives in Phoenix with his wife, Mary Alice. This is his first book. He can be reached at

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