Teepee from Teepee Joy

Teepee from Teepee Joy

Handmade with Love in USA

A decade ago, I absolutely loved the summer in Austin, Texas.  My adopted state and city was nothing like my hometown in Ohio which teased me into forgetting about the long, cold months of winter with an acceptable level of heat and mugginess.  Now that I have a soon-to-be third grader and preschooler living in Austin, I have developed a love-hate relationship with summer.  First, there is summer break, which means Bob and I have to find a summer camp for Brooke that offers educational opportunities while promoting fun that is within our price range and then there is the kiddo entertainment factor after camp and on the weekends where I had become a part-time planning coordinator thinking up new and exciting possibilities for indoor play.  The weather in Austin normally ranges in the upper 90s and 100s in the summer, so while my girls enjoy playing outdoors, it isn’t always possible in the midst of a heat wave!  I recently discovered Teepee Joy, which is a high quality teepee for kids (or grandkids!) and it has become a favorite indoor activity that keeps my kids engaged in active play without mom and dad running interference.  I am beginning to think the name ‘joy’ in the title is meant just for parents!

Each teepee comes with a 3-year warranty and has a 90-day money back guarantee

Teepee Joy is a small, family-owned company based in Illinois that creates both pre-designed and custom made teepee options for creative play. Each teepee tent is handcrafted and made from 100% cotton with beautiful designs that can fit any decor. What makes Teepee Joy stand out is the quality and care that is put into each teepee that includes door flaps, windows and roll down or tie up window shades.  Want to add additional quality items to your teepee?  Teepee Joy also has options to buy a matching padded play mat for comfort and/or a beautiful and comfy pillow set. Every tent is made to order and set up and storage is extremely simple and can be handled by one adult (yes, I was able to easily assemble our Teepee Joy – woo hoo!)

My kids LOVE their teepee from Teepee Joy and their favorite thing about it is they can easily move the teepee to different areas of the house or outside to play.  The girls chose the ‘Candy Lollipop’ bright PINK fabric, so it really pops out and adds to the decor.  It has provided many hours of fun and has operated as a ‘secret’ hideout, a castle, a reading nook and a castle for my girls favorite game they made up called ‘Nightly’s’.  My older daughter, Brooke, especially loves to spend hours each weekend being able to read in her own space.  I was very happy to see her shuffle out of her teepee with a book in hand to announce she had just finished 7 chapters of her latest ‘Bad Kitty’ book!  Amazingly, the teepee still looks gorgeous (proof of the premium quality of this USA-made product!) and adds a lovely element to our home instead of being a distracting ‘kid-toy’ eye sore.  Teepee Joy is usually the first thing guests to our home inquire about and I’m more than happy to talk about how they can get one of their own.  Lucky for me, I have a blog to now point to for future recommendations.  Love!


Check it out!  Teepee Joy assembly instructional video HERE.


Teepee from Teepee Joy


List Price: $ 129.00 – $ 159.00 (Pre-designed Teepee)

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