Summer: A Pop-Up Book (Seasons Pop-up) (Paperback)

Summer: A Pop-Up Book (Seasons Pop-up) (Paperback)

“A simple, serene seasonal posy.”  (Kirkus Reviews)

Just in time for summer, David A. Carter deliver Summer, the fourth and final book in his artistically driven, high concept pop-up book series about each season.  Each spread has a brief verse and depicts flora and fauna commonly found during the summer months. With plentiful gardens, babbling brooks, and frolicking critters, Carter’s Summer will keep young ones entertained while supplying delightful images for parents to enjoy.  Pictures of strawberries, tomatoes, chipmunks, and more are labeled with simple text, making the book easy for very young readers to understand and enjoy.

Summer joins Carter’s previous seasonal pop-up books, Winter (2015), which reveals the wonders of the countryside as snow begins to fall, Spring (2016), which highlights springtime flowers, and Autumn (2017) which features pictures of pumpkins, turkeys, wheat and other fall favorites.

About the Author:  David A. Carter is an American author and illustrator. He is best known for his pop-up books for both children and adults. David Carter’s Bugs series has sold more than six million copies. He lives in Auburn, California. Visit Carter at

Summer: A Pop-Up Book (Seasons Pop-up) (Paperback)

List Price: $ 14.99


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