Hello Hello (Hardcover)

Hello Hello (Hardcover)

Hello Hello is one of 2018’s must-haves for children.” 
Entertainment Weekly

“A celebration of the myriad forms of animal life this planet hosts . . . It’s a joyful way to deliver a message about the fragility of life on Earth and what would be lost if more of it disappeared.” 

Publishers Weekly, starred review

A world to know begins with Hello HelloIn this new book from Caldecott Honor winner author Brendan Wenzel, a chain of animals (beginning with two cats, one black and one white) appears before the reader, linked together by at least one common trait. From simple colors and shapes to more complex and abstract associations, each encounter celebrates the diversity of our world—and ultimately paints a story of connection.  Hello, Hello!

It all starts with a simple “Hello.”

The book includes:

• An afterword from author Brendan Wenzel about the importance of conservation and protecting the wildlife on our planet.
• A glossary of the animals featured in the book and a notation on their status (Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, or Critically Endangered).

Watch the Trailer HERE!

Download the Poster for Hello Hello HERE!

Hello Hello (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99

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