Safer Lock Box (Mind Your Meds)

Safer Lock is a combination locking cap for prescription medications designed to prevent prescription drug abuse.

Safer Lock Box

Mind Your Meds

It is critical to protect curious teens and inquisitive toddlers from accessing powerful medications and there is a simple yet effective way to do that in your home.  Safer Lock’s abuse-deterrent packaging keeps powerful medications out of the hands of curious teens and inquisitive toddlers.  Safer Lock is a patented 4-digit combination locking cap that is sold with the Safer Lock bottle or can retrofit many existing pharmaceutical vials used in pharmacies today. Patients create and set their personal combination from 10,000 possibilities, which can only be changed when it’s on its current, correct combination. Safer Lock will only open when it’s on the correct combination, which keeps non-patients from pilfering medication without detection. Safer Lock of Gatekeeper Innovation, Inc. is headquartered in Sacramento, California.

Keep your family safe with the Safer Lock cap. The patented combination lock lets you store your medications securely. Includes one (1) bottle, combination locking cap, reset pin, and instructions. ($11.99)

  • Includes food grade box with a Safer Lock closure.
  • Inner Dimensions: L 5.5″ W 7.5″ H 3.1″
  • Seal for moisture resistance and smell reduction
  • 10,000 possible combinations
  • Combination reset pin and reset instructions included

Safer Lock also offers multi-packs of Safer Lock retail boxes for homes with multiple prescriptions. These boxes include combination bottle locks for prescription medication safety that fits a wide variety of prescription bottles. The box includes white opaque vials and counter top display packaging.

Parents can’t rely on child-resistant packaging to keep kids safe – keep dangerous substances locked up!

Safer Lock Box

List Price: $ 19.99$ 49.99

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