Good Night Our World Children’s Board Book Series

Good Night Our World Children’s Board Book Series

Bestselling Good Night Our World series includes hundreds of titles exploring iconic locations and exciting themes.

Authors Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper have been writing Good Night Our World series for over ten years (2005) and the books are sold throughout the United States and Canada.  The Good Night Our World series is designed to celebrate special places and subjects in a way that young children can easily relate to and enjoy with their families. All of the books are written and illustrated with a simplicity that captures the “essence” of each place or subject. These high-quality board books are sturdy for busy little hands (ages 0 – preschool) and to be read hundreds of times!  The series includes Local United States titles (“Good Night Texas”), Animal titles (“Good Night Birds”), International titles (“Good Night Delhi”), Buenas Noches titles (“Buenos Noches Estados Unidos”), and much more!

Every book is printed in bright colors on high-quality board to endure the attention of young children. All have six-inch by six-inch pages, making for large 12 x 6 open page spreads.  The series is, in part, inspired by Walt Whitman’s poems, such as the classic book Leaves of Grass and the famous poem “Song of Myself,” in which the poet catalogs item after item, in a process whereby the mere naming of each item draws attention to it and thus imbues it with a sense of import. The Good Night Our World Series tries to recognize and celebrate the world in a Whitmanesque spirit.

The Good Night series just released the following new books:

Good Night Fairies

Good Night Fairies explores flower fairies, sea fairies, butterfly fairies, pixies, rainbow fairies, glitter fairies, cloud fairies, gnomes, elf fairies, brownies, will-o’-wisps, star fairies, moon fairies, and more.

  • Gamble/Jasper
  • 22 pages, $9.95, © 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-60219-433-5

Good Night Bedtime

Good Night Bedtime highlights reading stories, putting on pajamas, taking a bath, brushing teeth and hair, feeding pets, putting toys away, stuffed animals and blankies, wishing upon a star, singing lullabies, sweet dreams, coloring, counting sheep, talking about the day, nightlights, getting tucked in, hugs and kisses, and more.

  • Gamble/Jasper
  • 20 pages, $9.95, © 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-60219-471-7

Good Night Dozers

Good Night Bulldozers features crawlers, wheeled dozers, construction sites, mines, rock quarries, and construction operators. Also included are loaders, diggers, graders, off-highway trucks, cranes, dump trucks, steamrollers, and more.

  • Gamble/Jasper
  • 20 pages, $9.95, © 2017
  • ISBN: 978-160219-487-8

Good Night Bears

Good Night Bears highlights black bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, panda bears, sloth bears, sun bears, spectacled bears, bear cubs, bear habitats, bear tracks, catching salmon, and more.

  • Gamble/Jasper
  • 20 pages, $9.95, © 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-60219-515-8


About the Author(s):

Adam Gamble, is a writer, a photographer, and a publisher. He is the author of many books in the Good Night Books series, In the Footsteps of Thoreau, and A Public Betrayed. He lives in Sandwich, MA.

Mark Jasper is the author of many books in the Good Night Our World series, The Cape Cod Christmas Cookbook, Haunted Cape Cod & the Islands, and Haunted Inns of New England. He lives in Sandwich, MA.

About the Illustrator:  Jimmy Holder lives in Pasadena, CA with his wife and two daughters. Jimmy has spent the last 30 years illustration mostly children’s books but he has also illustrated several ad campaigns for IBM, Coors and Coke among others. He has illustrated a few games as well as a Pop-Tart box and more storyboards then he cares to remember earlier in his career.

Good Night Our World Children’s Board Book Series

List Price: $9.95 Each

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