Cave Tools Meat Claws for Father’s Day! * Coupon Code *

Cave Tools Meat Claws for Father’s Day!

Stainless Steel Claws Put Wolverine To Shame

It’s getting close to Father’s Day (Sunday, June 17, 2018) and my husband’s FAVORITE gifts center around grilling/BBQ-ing.  Although it gets harder and harder to buy things for him in this realm since he seems to have every gadget on the market, he does have certain products that he continues to wear out.  Luckily, Cave Tools (a premium brand of grilling products) has some quality cooking products at my kind of prices!  Bob has been discussing his want of something called ‘MEAT CLAWS’ and although I thought he was joking at first, I soon realized that these shredding and gripping ‘claws’ are awesome for shredding pork and brisket as well as slicing up huge chunks of meat.  It is certainly a slam-dunk for my grill/BBQ captain!  Yay!

Cave Tools Coupon Code!  Use Coupon Code ‘MEATCLAW15‘ for 15% Off!

To show you the durability of Cave Tools, here is my older daughter with the Cave Tools Vegetable Basket she got her dad LAST year for Father’s Day.  A year later, it looks brand new despite being used on a regular rotation for our backyard grills.  Cave Tools makes excellent and inexpensive items that will stock up your favorite grill master’s (and the apprentice’s) arsenal for years to come!

Vegetable Basket (List Price: $17.99)

Happy Father’s Day, Bob!  I can’t wait to taste what you cook next!

Cave Tools Meat Claws for Father’s Day! (Gifts for Dad)

List Price: $ 19.99 (Also available through Amazon Prime)


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