Healed! Health & Wellness for the 21st Century: Wisdom, Secrets, and Fun Straight From the Leading Edge (Paperback)

Healed! Health & Wellness for the 21st Century: Wisdom, Secrets, and Fun Straight From the Leading Edge (Paperback)

Refreshing Approach to Health and Wellness

We all struggle to find happiness. The authors of Healed, Dr. Robin Miller and Dave Kahn, understand that health and happiness are linked absolutely: you can’t have one without the other. Healed reveals essential information for your mind and body—your keys to happiness and well-being. This book opens the door and quickly puts you on the path to feeling good and becoming the person you want to be.

 Q&A Interview with the author, Dr. Robin Miller

– Why have you written this book?

As an Integrative medicine doctor, I have found the best approach to health and healing is to partner with my patients and find the best preventive measures and treatments that work for them as individuals. I am always in search of new; evidence-based therapies that will help them lead their best lives. In Healed, we share these approaches so patients will be aware of their many options for wellness.

– What are the keys and evidence to a long and healthy life?

A healthy diet, exercise, a strong social network and a life filled with purpose are what it is all about. In areas of the world where people live into their 100th year, people move as part of their daily life, eat a healthy (mostly plant based diet), have love and community, faith in a higher power and a strong sense of purpose.

– Is there an effective way to lose weight without dieting? What is the secret?

Eating whole foods and following the Mediterranean-style eating plan is a great way to eat and lose weight. The secret is not to go on a diet, but find something that works for life. Rapid weight loss will not result in long-term weight loss. The only thing that will work is a slow and steady weight loss at no more than 1 pound a week. The body rests at a set point, the place where it has been for a long time. When you move that point down rapidly, the brain will drive you to gain the weight back. It will not do that if you take it slow and find a new set point at a lower weight at a much later date!

– Is there a way to improve movement in those with Parkinson’s disease?

Yes! Ballroom dancing

– How does it work?

Ballroom dancing allows the building of new neural networks in the brain at any age. For Parkinson’s the new networks bypass the part of the brain damaged by the disease.

If you could leave one final thought for readers of your book, what do you hope they gain?

I hope our readers realize health and wellness can be obtained at any age. They can find it with many of the new ideas and concepts discussed in our book along with healthy eating, exercise, and of course ballroom dancing!

Healed! Health & Wellness for the 21st Century: Wisdom, Secrets, and Fun Straight From the Leading Edge (Paperback) is available through http://www.triunemed.com  as well as Amazon.com.

The book is divided into four interconnected parts:

Part I: Learn what you need to know about:

  • Your heart
  • Your brain
  • Your gut

Part II: Find out how to:

  • Overcome depression and sadness without drugs
  • Live longer and be happier (think coffee and chocolate)
  • Improve your sex life (think Scream Cream)

Part III: Teaches you how to:

  • Stop dieting and yet lose weight
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Use the secret of the floating set point

Part IV: Gives you hard evidence how dancing:

  • Will keep your brain and your body young
  • Improve your social life and your love life
  • Make you a happier person

About the Authors:

Dr. Robin Miller is an established author (The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife and Beyond and Kids Ask the Doctor), and has gathered the knowledge, insights and anecdotes offered in this book over the course of 33 years of treating patients using the principles of integrative medicine. Board certified in Internal Medicine, she trained with Andrew Weil as an Integrative Medicine Fellow at University of Arizona. She is currently Medical Director of Triune Integrative Medicine, a highly innovative integrative medicine clinic in Medford, Oregon. She blogs regularly for Sharecare.com, an interactive health and wellness website founded in conjunction with Dr. Mehmet Oz, where she serves as Executive Advisory Board member. Robin is also a medical reporter and a regular correspondent for KOBI-5, the NBC affiliate in Southern Oregon.

Dave Kahn is a graduate of UCLA and holds a master’s degree from USC. He has taught English for UCLA’s Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars, as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps and for Los Angeles Unified School District. He currently teaches at Rogue Community College in Southern Oregon. Dave also is a nationally ranked competitive swing dancer. He has been teaching dance in Oregon for well-over a decade, and he is Director of Southern Oregon Swing, which produces the regional SOswing Newsletter and hosts the SOswing Convention, its annual event that brings dancers together from across the country. In addition, his experience and accomplishments in the field of physical fitness as a certified personal trainer and record-holding power-lifter uniquely qualify him to offer the insight of the common-sense, doable weight-loss and fitness solutions offered in this book, the groundbreaking Undiet.

Healed! Health & Wellness for the 21st Century: Wisdom, Secrets, and Fun Straight From the Leading Edge (Paperback)


List Price: $ 12.95

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