Equipped with an acoustic guitar, a loop pedal and a heart full of love, Austin based acoustic hip-hop songwriter SaulPaul has just released his first children’s album, We Dream in 3D

SaulPaul is a self-proclaimed “musician with a message,” who merges freestyling with songwriting, resulting in a distinctive and captivating sound. The new album We Dream In 3D conveys his message of empowering children to believe in themselves and to achieve their dreams, no matter how big they may be. SaulPaul started creating music with freestyle rapping but after teaching himself how to play acoustic guitar and use a loop pedal, his unique sound was born. Once it all came together, it wasn’t long before he began traveling the country to perform his music and inspire people of all ages and creeds to trust and love each other. With We Dream In 3D, SaulPaul aims to spread his message of unity, compassion, and self confidence far and wide. 

According to family music expert Bill Childs, host of the Austin KUTX based, ‘Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child’ radio show SaulPaul is a welcome addition to the Austin family music scene and, more and more, to the national family music scene. He’s got a great combination of message and music, bringing positivity through acoustic hip-hop that is pretty much irresistible and that draws in kids from every background.

We Dream In 3D is a family friendly, positive hip-hop album perfect for fans of urban music who don’t like negativity mixed in with their rap. The first track “Rise” is a stand out song of empowerment and awakening featuring 11 year old vocalist Alexia Finney whose voice is as powerful as the lyrics. Written from the perspective of a child, on the song “Encourage Me” SaulPaul brought in the The Raven Children’s Choir to have them sing the strong words “Encourage Me, Don’t Discourage Me, I Can Be Anything.” reminding us there is no limit to a child’s potential. On the album’s title track “We Dream in 3D” which started as a proclamation at his live shows, he included audio from a live show of the audience chanting and built the song around that. The power anthem “Be The Change” delivers a bright, upbeat, energetic and joyous song for our future leaders and “Motivation” presents as a cultural hip-hop fusion communicating pride and unity. As SaulPaul thought about changing the world it lead him to produce music that felt more like world music “Sí, Se Puede” is an example of that. “Sí, Se Puede” translates in Spanish to “Yes, it is possible”. This bilingual track also features call and response recordings from a live concert.

On the more playful side, “Do That Hula Hoop” is a crowd favorite from the live shows where SaulPaul provides hula hoops to the audience and everyone races to the dance floor to move to the irresistible beat. While the fans are on their feet, his home state inspired “Texas Two Step” is sure to keep them up and dancing. The light hearted “One Word, Two Capitals” is a clever public service announcement from the artist as people often say and spell his name wrong. Finally, on a more sentimental note, SaulPaul gives us a sure to be parent favorite, the emotional “Mama” which is a tribute to all the mothers and mother like figures who have exhibited sacrificial love for their children.

We Dream In 3D is co-Produced by 5 time Grammy Nominated producer Billy Smiley and SuperProducer Levester White and was mastered by RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum record producer, engineer, composer and mastering engineer Tommy Gran and Forrest Cullotta of Stinson Studios. 

1. Shine Right Now (Intro)
2. *Rise (Remix)
3. *Encourage Me (Remix) 
4. Mama (Live from Austin) 
5. We Dream In 3D
6. Do That Hula Hoop (Remix) 
7. *Texas Two Step 
8. One Word, Two Capitals 
9. Be the Change
10. *Motivation (Remix) 
11. Si Se Puede 

For more about SaulPaul visit
For more about the album We Dream in 3D visit

ABOUT SAULPAUL:  Ever since merging his interest in freestyling with songwriting, SaulPaul has developed a distinctive sound that has taken him to such places as America’s Got Talent, TEDx, the BET Music Matters Showcase, and SXSW as a featured performer. SaulPaul is a seasoned and well-traveled musician who has toured all over the US, performing for audiences from the Kennedy Center to Google, not to mention countless public schools across the country. At home, SaulPaul has been recognized throughout Texas as a local legend and force for good. SaulPaul won the 2017 Austinite of the Year Award at the AU40 awards, and was named the Creative Ambassador of Austin. 


List Price: $ 8.99

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