Goats of Anarchy: Polly and Her Duck Costume (Hardcover)

Goats of Anarchy: Polly and Her Duck Costume (Hardcover)

The true story of a little blind rescue goat

In 2014 Leanne Lauricella fell in love with goats and her life was changed forever. She walked away from a lucrative corporate career in NYC, ditched the Mercedes, and built a goat sanctuary in rural New Jersey where goats with special needs could find a home. Lauricella began documenting her unconventional new life on Instagram, amassing more than half a million followers on @GoatsOfAnarchy.  Fans worldwide follow the stories of each goat—the antics of Ansel the destroyer, the model looks of Frankie with the good hair, and sweet little Lawson who had a dire heart condition. Goat lovers check in for a daily dose of goat personalities mixed with the struggles of rehabilitation and rescue. The goats and other animals, typically rescued from abandonment or mistreatment, find a home on one of Lauricella’s two farms where each animal gets care for their special needs.

Polly and Her Duck Costume tells the true story of Polly, a little blind goat who was rescued by Leanne Lauricella. Polly has some trouble adapting to her new life until her new mom gives her a warm and fuzzy duck costume, which turns out to be the perfect fit! Follow along with Polly as she finds love with her new family, gains confidence, and makes new friends. The perfect tale to inspire and delight animal lovers, Polly and Her Duck Costume pairs beautiful illustrations with a truly heartwarming tale readers of all ages will adore.  The book includes illustrations with real pictures of Polly in her Duck costume at the back of the book.  LOVE!


About the Author:  Leanne Lauricella’s stories about her goat sanctuary have created a passionate and fast-growing following that serves to help financially support the upkeep of the farm and vet bills for Lauricella’s special needs brood. Reading through comments on @GoatsOfAnarchy posts, there are countless people who share how Lauricella’s stories of acceptance, encouragement, and love have impacted lives.  Goats of Anarchy provides prosthetics and carts are provided for goats with missing or deformed legs, and indoor care for new baby goats, goats requiring intensive medical care or terminal illness. Lauricella encourages a vegan lifestyle and is vocal about animal rights issues. www.goatsofanarchy.com.

Goats of Anarchy: Polly and Her Duck Costume (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.95

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