Pure Spoon Organic “Simply” Puree Sampler, 4.2oz (Pack of 10)

Pure Spoon Organic “Simply” Puree Sampler, 4.2oz (Pack of 10)

All of Pure Spoon purees are made in the great state of Texas in a certified organic, allergen-free kitchen!

Pure Spoon was started by a Momma on a Mission 4 years ago when she could not find fresh options for her infant daughter. Every option she came across was shelf-stable which means it was cooked in its packaging, often made with pre-made purees and put through high-heat pasteurization.  This traditional process significantly decreases the taste and, more importantly, the nutritional value of the food. She wanted to find a solution to the dilemma that she shared with so many other new parents – how do you give the best nutrition possible to your child when you cannot always make it at home? Alyson wanted to give all parents what she wanted to see at the store, but couldn’t find – fresh, organic nutrient-packed food.  Thus Pure Spoon was born.
Pure Spoon is the first company in the country to offer organic, FRESH meals specifically geared for little ones. Pure Spoon is available in Walmart, Whole Foods, and other retailers as well as available for home delivery via Amazon.com, Amazon Fresh and purespoon.com.
Coupon Code!  Save 25% off your first order using ‘PureSpoon25’ upon checkout!

Pure Spoon Organic “Simply” Puree Sampler, 4.2oz (Pack of 10)


List Price: $ 39.00 (Pack of 10)

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