Tessie Tames Her Tongue: A Book About Learning When to Talk and When to Listen (Hardcover)

Tessie Tames Her Tongue: A Book About Learning When to Talk and When to Listen (Hardcover)

A Book About Learning When to Talk and When to Listen

I am an introvert.  I thought my kids may be introverts, but that’s not exactly the case.  As mom to a newly minted 4 year old and 7 year old, I have to remind my children to mind their bodies and tongues.  They are usually good about it, but it’s a process.  I was excited to read a new book by Free Spirit Press (whom I adore) called “Tessie Tames Her Tongue”.  First, the author is from my home state of Ohio and she is an EMDR therapist (see author info below).  I actually go to EMDR therapy.  It’s helpful, it’s useful and knowing about sensory processing is so important in emotional building skills.  This book is armed with tips and tools for children to tame her tongue and I highly recommend it!

Tessie is bright and eager to share all the stories about her life. She talks to her parents, her little brother, the bus driver, her teacher, and her classmates. But when she gets chatty, she’s loud . . . and talks with her mouth full of food . . . and doesn’t give anyone else a chance to say what’s on their minds. After her little brother complains and her classmates ignore her, Tessie knows it’s time to tame her talkative tongue. With help from her school counselor, Tessie learns to talk less and listen more.

Part of Self-Help for Kids®
Free Spirit is the leading publisher of learning tools that support children’s social-emotional health.

About Free Spirit PublishingFree Spirit publishing has an excellent motto of ‘Meeting kids’ social and emotional needs since 1983’ and they have the catalog to back up this mission.  There is so much good stuff on their website, that I really just encourage you to check it out and see what might interest you.  I personally like their free Professional Development webinars, especially the webinar on Preparing the Next Generation of K–12 Student Leaders by Mariam G. MacGregor, M.S.  For those looking for some great early education empowerment books, check out the author Elizabeth Verdick who has a great series called Toddler Tools.

About the Author:  Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is a clinical child therapist with experience as a play therapist, adjunct professor, workshop leader and trainer, and behavioral health consultant. Her specializations include mental health trauma treatment, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and expressive therapies. A self-syndicated newspaper columnist, she writes on children’s mental health issues and parenting. Melissa lives in Ohio.

About the Illustrator:  Charles Lehman is an illustrator, Boy Scout leader, dad, and all-around great guy. He lives and works in Orlando, Florida, with his wife and four children. They have a family traveling singing group often compared to the Von Trapps. He has worked with many publishing houses and magazines in his illustrative career.

Tessie Tames Her Tongue: A Book About Learning When to Talk and When to Listen (Hardcover)


List Price: $14.99, Ages 5-9, Hardcover


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