Daytime Nighttime, All Through the Year (Paperback)

Daytime Nighttime, All Through the Year (Paperback)

Nature can be a great teacher!

You may not see them.  You may not hear them.  But wild animals are always busy!  Engaging rhymes describe the action through the cycle of every day and night, as well as through each month of the year.  Take a peek at what animals are doing by day, by night, and through the season.

Animals are so busy! In daytime eagles dive for fish, lizards gobble insects, and tortoises dine on cactus flowers. When night falls, bats catch moths, crickets sing, and cougars prowl. An “Explore More” section provides teachers and parents with lots of ideas to expand on the seasonal and nocturnal themes.

While you are sleeping, and when you arise,

Animals everywhere lead busy lives

Winter or summer, and all the year through

Let’s take a look at what some of them do.

Educators: Download free activities based on this book.

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About the Author:  Diane Lang has been sharing nature with children for the last 15 years—teaching classes, working with raptors such as hawks and owls, leading walks, and writing poems and short plays about animals and the world they live in. She volunteers at three nature centers in California and has written several picture books. Diane loves all animals, wild and domestic. Her pets have included rats, birds, a snake, and many dogs, plus the puppies she raised for a guide dog school. Right now she and her husband share their home with two dogs, two tortoises, and two very sweet tarantulas. She also loves to design activities that make learning about nature fun. Find them on her web site

About the Illustrator:  Andrea Gabriel is an author & illustrator, largely focused on natural history subjects for the very young. She is currently working on her first adult novel and chomping at the bit to start a YA novel as well. She lives in Bellingham, Washington with her family of two and four-legged creatures.  If you’d like to keep up-to-date with new books from Andrea, along with fun studio updates and activities for children you can follow her on Facebook at or on Instagram at

Daytime Nighttime, All Through the Year (Paperback)

List Price: $8.95

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