New Caspar Babypants Album “JUMP FOR JOY!”

New Caspar Babypants Album “JUMP FOR JOY!”

Chris from the Presidents of the USA doing simple sing along music for babies and kids and parents to sway and enjoy in this cluttered world.

New Album, “Jump for Joy!” Out 8/18/2017!

I am learning about ‘distress tolerance strategies’ and it has to do with ‘tricking’ your body into feeling good.  That’s a pretty basic and downplayed way of discussing techniques in dealing with trauma, yet when I want to explain Caspar Babypant’s album ‘Jump for Joy’, there is a lot of truth of the underlying message that there is a lot of things to be happy about, so don’t dwell on the sadness.

Music plays a very important role in my life and in my quest of being able to be fully conscious and present as a parent, I find I sometimes rely on songs to say my feelings for me.  I listened to angst and sappy ‘blue’ albums as a teen because I related to them.  Now I love looking forward to hearing family friendly happy songs such as the reimagined ‘Froggie Went A Courtin’ because I relate to life while being a parent to two young and impressionable girls.  Caspar Babypants helped bridge the gap between music I loved pre-parenthood versus my change of taste for music post-Brooke’s birth.  Suddenly, the world of kid and family-friendly music rushed back into my life when I thought those days were behind me.

Chris Ballew (aka ‘Casper’) has taken traditional songs and breathed life into them so you can feel the joy inside your ear drum.  My family and I never tire of Casper Babypant’s music and we get such special memories of our time well spent listening to tunes Chris likes to label as ‘funny little recordings’.  “Jump for Joy” is an album that gives you those lovely tingles of silliness and sparks creativity for my family to cherish our own traditions of storytelling and songwriting.  Now that is something to jump up and be excited about!

Yeah for lyrics!  All lyrics can be found on this page.

Track Listing:

  1. Ten Little Piggies (Trad – CB)
  2. Froggie Went A Courtin’ (Trad – CB)
  3. Free Couch
  4. Blackberry Pie (Augie Ballew – CB)
  5. Where Oh Where? (Trad – CB)
  6. Pushy the Tug (Kate Endle – CB)
  7. My Pants are On Vacation (Kate Endle – CB)
  8. I Feel Better
  9. Cut That Coconut Down
  10. This is the Way the Woods Wake Up (Trad – CB)
  11. Underground
  12. No More Jumping (Trad – CB)
  13. Put Your Baby in the Air (Trad – CB)
  14. What Do You Find?
  15. Bedtime Blues
  16. Mysterious Things (Trad – CB)
  17. The Softest Guitar on the Moon
  18. Wanderin’ Baby
  19. Counting Sheep (Mozart – CB)

Caspar Babypants Youtube ChannelHere you go!

New Caspar Babypants Album “JUMP FOR JOY!”

List Price: $ 12.99


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