Rocket Science for Babies: Physicist Creates Science Board Book Series

Rocket Science for Babies (Baby University) (Board Book)

In a world where toddlers operate smart-phones and computers before they learn to walk, is it really too soon to teach them Newton’s three laws of motion or Einstein’s theory of general relativity?

Baby University: It only takes a small spark to ignite a child’s mind!  Physicist and father, Chris Ferrie, is on a mission to teach toddlers (and their adults) advanced science and math concepts before they encounter them in school led him to create Baby University, a board book series that introduces young readers to complex ideas like physics and math using simple explanations and colorful illustrations.

All books in the series approach topics with a tongue-in-cheek humor that adults will love sharing with their little geniuses or their adult friends. In Rocket Science for Babies readers learn about the basics of aerospace engineering. General Relativity for Babies introduces Einstein’s most famous theory and teaches babies all about black holes, gravitational waves, and more. Quantum Physics for Babies and Newtonian Physics for Babies give simple introductions to the principles that give quantum physics and Newton’s laws of motion their names.  The contents of these books are accurate and the perfect baby shower gift for all your nerdy friends having kiddos!

The first four books in the series were just released on May 2, 2017. Additional releases will be added to the series July 2017, October 2017, and January 2018.  Enjoy and be enlightened!

About the Author:  Chris Ferrie is a physicist, mathematician and father of four budding young scientists. He obtained his doctorate in Mathematical Physics from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada and is currently a faculty member at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information in Sydney, Australia. Chris believes it is never too early to introduce children to the wild and wonderful world of science!

Rocket Science for Babies (Baby University) (Board Book)

List Price: $ 9.99 Each (Available through Amazon Prime)

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