Danny Weinkauf and His Red Pants Band Release ‘Totally Osome!’

Danny Weinkauf and His Red Pants Band Release ‘Totally Osome!’

Danny’s Party-Friendly Album of Dance-Happy Tunes is available via Bandcamp now; coming on all music retailers on August 11

Danny Weinkauf, the Grammy winning longtime bassist for They Might Be Giants, will release his third album for kids and families, Totally Osome! These 16 original songs span various styles and genres, all inviting listeners to get up and move to their catchy beats and melodies.
After the national critical and radio success of No School Today and Red Pants Band, Weinkauf has been busy writing new songs and performing family concerts with his band. For Totally Osome! Red Pants Band bassist and singer extraordinaire Tina Kenny Jones takes on a much bigger role as co-lead vocalist. Once again Danny handles all the instruments and production while his son Kai and his wife Michelle add their vocal talents.
Track Listing:
    1. Sunshine Sunny Sun Sunshine Day
    2. N Then We Danced
    3. Super Powered Mindy (Album Version)
    4. Osome
    5. Rock inside my shoe
    6. A Song about Anything
    7. Your Love
    8. Transportation
    9. Ray Scott Thanks a lot
    10. I’m a Girl (Step Aside)
    11. Put Down That Smartphone
    12. AlphabeT TebahplA
    13. It’s Your Birthday
    14. Smartphone (New Wave)
    15. Bah Bah song
    16. So Nice To See You

From the first track, “Sunshine, Sunny Sun Sunshine Day,” the energy bursts out and remains high, with a musical range that proves that Danny Weinkauf is one of the most versatile songwriters in all-ages music. Clever, high energy, pop rock is Weinkauf’s usual focus, but this time around there’s a bit more of a groovy dance vibe to every song. He introduces listeners to topics such as geology, the letter “O”, transportation, girl power, and even how to sing the alphabet backwards. Parents may get a kick out of two versions of a song challenging kids to “put down that smartphone and start a band.

Four of these tracks on Totally Osome! have already been released as singles and have enjoyed rotation on SiriusXM Kids Place Live  and  other shows around the nation: “Sunshine Sunny Sun Sunshine Day,” “Super Powered Mindy” (named for one of the show hosts), “I’m a Girl (Step Aside),” and “It’s Your Birthday.” Later this month, Spare the Rock radio on PRX will debut “Transportation.”

Long Island based Danny Weinkauf is the man behind the wildly successful hit “I Am a Paleontologist.” His two solo albums for kids (No School Today and Red Pants Band) have won awards and national acclaim.  Danny’s songs “Champion of the Spelling Bee” and “The Moon Is Made of Cheese” also get regular spins on SiriusXM Radio’s Kids Place Live and other shows around the nation.

Danny recently wrote and produced a song and video for Sesame Street called “B is for Build” on the “Rocking Rollie” episode of season 47. He is currently recording the 20th studio album with They Might Be Giants and will be heading out on a 65 city tour with the band in 2018.

Danny Weinkauf and His Red Pants Band Release ‘Totally Osome!’


List Price: $ 10.00 (Digital download)



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