Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band ‘Made in LA’

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band ‘Made in LA’

New Music from Latin Grammy and Emmy Award-Winners!

My first thought when I saw Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band’s new album, “Made in LA”, I immediately thought of an old blog post I wrote back in 2013 about a local Austinite’s onesie from an Etsy page I received for our newest family addition, Ms. Brie.  No, I wasn’t born in Texas but Bob and I made two little Texans right here in Austin and, being proud locals, we thought it was an adorable display of our affection.  It’s good to be proud of where you come from, and Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band were the very first U.S. based artists to win a Latin GRAMMY in the Children’s Album category for their album, Fantastico (2013).  As is the case in Austin, Southern California has a large mix of Spanish/English speakers and we like mixing in language learning for our kids including being able to send Brooke to a Spanish language camp last summer.  Lucky Diaz has been on our family’s radar since 2013 and we always look forward to their new albums that make us groove and get new Spanish words into our vocabulary.  “Made in LA” is a fun, catchy album made for families that includes songs like the upbeat “Traffic” and the beautiful “The Magic Believers”.

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The sights, sounds and tastes of L.A. run throughout these 12 original songs from “Silver Lake Stairs” to “Fiesta de la Brea.”  The band’s interactive, multi-cultural, mixed language and movement based musical performances please both children and adults.  Catch their busy summer tour schedule, including sets at Lollapalooza!  Keep up with this family (including their sweetest family addition for the husband and wife duo, Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis) on Instagram.

Made in LA Track Listing

  1. The Magic Believers (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)
  2. Silver Lake Stairs (feat. Todd McHatton)
  3. Paletero Man (feat. Andrew & Polly)
  4. Traffic (feat. Andrew & Polly)
  5. Echo Park (feat. Frances England)
  6. Pato Loco
  7. Los Ninos
  8. Made in LA
  9. L+A
  10. Jelly (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)
  11. When It Rained (feat. Mike Phirman)
  12. Fiesta de la Brea (feat. Andrew & Polly)

Want some more Lucky Diaz suggestions?  Be sure to check out their two acclaimed family albums entitled Fantastico (2013) and a Spanglish-Baby album and Potluck (2012) for more of their great tunes!

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band ‘Made in LA’

List Price: $ 5.99 (on iTunes!)

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