Made in Austin Baby Bodysuit (Sizes 6 – 18 months) *Local*


Made in Austin Baby Bodysuit (Sizes 6 – 18 months) *Local*

Made in Austin, TX!

I am never forgiven or forgotten that I am not a native Texan.  Excuse me for being born on the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon.  It doesn’t help that my entire family except one cat are all southerners, specifically Austinites.  One thing we got both our daughters born and bred in Travis County was the Native Texan birth certificate.  Yes, I’m an Ohioan and darn proud, but I sometimes whisper it in crowds to not cause a riot.  At least I’m not a Californian which seems to be a death wish.  I kid, I kid.

Of course, I could not resist my slight attempt to be a local through an awesome Austin Etsy store that has Texas bragging right.  We love the baby onesies the best, especially the ‘Made in Austin’ one.  The onesies are available in the colors of blue, gray, pink, red and white (we chose pink, of course!).  I may not BE a native, but I am sure raising some (husband included – ha).

Not an Austinite or Texan?  Erica has a TON of screenprint items in her shop like Breaking Bad and Dr. Who!  Oh yeah!

Made in Austin Baby Bodysuit (Sizes 6 – 18 months)

List Price: $ 13.00

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