Shorty & Clem (Hardcover)

Shorty & Clem (Hardcover)

“Slack renders both roomies and the simple speech-balloon dialogue…with blocky minimalism, comically contrasting Clem’s steady, grave air with Shorty’s exaggerated gestures and broad emotions.” (Kirkus Reviews)

The creator of the award-winning app Scruffy Kitty, Michael Slack, brings young readers a fresh, dynamic duo: an energetic dinosaur and a cranky but loving bird who both pack lots of silly noises and fuzzy surprises in this vibrantly illustrated friendship story.

Meet Shorty & Clem! This dynamic duo consists of a frantic dinosaur and an orderly blue quail.  When Clem is away when Shorty receives a package for his friend, the dino is desperate to come up with ways to open the box before his friend gets home.  What’s inside? A race car…trampoline…bongos…monkeys? He REALLY wants to open it but, he knows that it’s Clem’s. Should he open the box? Of course not!  Children will relate to Shorty’s predicament and my daughter, Brie, was ready for Shorty to open the package already!!!  However, Shorty is sure he’s done something terrible when he couldn’t wait, but Clem proves to him that best friends are the best surprises of all!  Love!

About the Author/Illustrator:  Michael Slack is an artist, illustrator, and character designer. His humorous, character-driven art can be found in books, magazines and on television. He has designed artwork for a variety of children’s products and apparel. His paintings and drawings have been exhibited in the U.S. and Europe. He lives in Northern California with his wife, daughter, and a dog named Iggy Pup.

Shorty & Clem (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99  (available through Amazon Prime)

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