DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush (Beauty for Moms)

DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush (Beauty for Moms)

The first and only PATENTED hair straightening brush!


I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  My hair is naturally curly (*Ahem* frizzy) and it was an awesome co-worker that introduced me to a ceramic straightening brush.  It actually changed my life!  Ha!  I’m never without one and sometimes it seems like it takes FOREVER to straighten my hair.  I was looking for a product that would allow me to straighten my hair fast, effectively and without breaking the bank.  I found one!  DAFNI makes a fantastic Ceramic Straightening Brush by the talented CEO, Sharon Rabi.

The DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush is an innovative hair straightening brush, incorporating the most advanced hair care technologies, ensures easy, safe and fast results. Simply brush your hair to smooth and straighten it in minutes. No need to section, clip or pin your hair!  The DAFNI brush allows you to achieve a salon-quality look in a fraction of the time. DAFNI is made of high quality materials, and was designed with revolutionary smart technology and a unique 3D ceramic surface.  DAFNI offers an amazing heat dissipating brush that causes less damage to the hair, allowing it to grow longer and stronger, naturally. 

DAFNI’s mission is to help women be their most confident, beautiful selves, while liberating them from time-consuming hair styling routines.
Brush Up Your Day!  Watch this video HERE to see the DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush in action!
Guess which side I used the brush?

My hair is straight in less than 10 minutes!

I LOVE the DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush!

DAFNI Ceramic Straightening Brush (Beauty for Moms)


List Price: $ 149.99

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