Backpack Wine in Austin (For Parents!)

Backpack Wine in Austin

Skip the Cork and Grab A Pack”®

It’s rare I ever post about alcohol on my blog, but as we inch closer to Father’s Day, I had the perfect product for my hubby, Bob.  Wine in a CAN.  Yes, you heard me!  Have you heard about Canned Wine yet? The Canned Wine category offers portable, shareable wines that are easy to pair with casual or fine dining options. For reference, a recent report noted that the Canned Wine category experienced a 122.5% increase from 2015 – 2016, making it a $14-15 million dollar industry to date. Backpack Wine is currently available throughout Austin at multiple vendors like Royal Blue Grocery stores and keeps expanding.

The Chicago based Backpack debuted in September and is available in two blend varieties, Cheek Rose® and Snappy White® (rose and white wine), in four-can packs. Backpack Wines are sourced from great vineyards and packaged in recyclable cans that are ready for any occasion: from tailgating to the ski slopes, from your go-to BYOB brunch spot or for an afternoon on the river. Backpack Wine offers a unique combo of great-tasting, quality wine in an approachable, rebellious and fresh manner. Backpack wines are from Washington state, specifically the Wahluke Slope. Wahluke Slope is in Grant County and is part of the Columbia Valley. The area grows grapes often used in red wines — cabernet sauvignon and merlot — but also produce white varieties.

Cheek Rose® (rose wine)

Cheeky Rose is clear and clean with a high acidity — based on pinot blanc but with a dash of sangiovese for color and for the floral, strawberry, rose petal flavors that round out the mineral acidity of the pinot blanc.


Snappy White® (white wine)

Snappy White is a riesling-based wine with a touch of pinot blanc.

Backpack Wine in Austin

List Price: $ 19.99 (4-pack cans)


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