Cocofloss 3-Piece (Health for Families)

Cocofloss 3-Piece (Health for Families)

Cocofloss is a great tool for parents to get their kids excited about flossing and keeping their #teeth4lyfe. 

Bay Area sisters, Dr. Chrystle and Catherine, created Cocofloss – a tropically fragrant and high-intensity floss for cleaner mouths and whiter smiles.  This floss helps to inspire folks to take better care of their smiles. I know how hard it can be to get your kids to brush their teeth daily (at least twice daily for two minutes at a time), let alone floss. Floss is awkward to hold, makes your fingers purple, and not to mention (as my oldest daughter says) FLOSS is BORING.  However, now with Cocofloss, my oldest actually wants to floss her teeth every day.  WOAH!

Cocofloss is a soft, flavored dental floss that’s easy to hold and that removes 40% more plaque than other flosses. It comes in 3 delightful flavors (strawberries, mint and coconut) and is available via subscription to help kids and adults build healthier habits.  Cocofloss has a wonderful-loofah like texture that won’t slip and slide while using.  Cocofloss’s subtle fruit scents and turquoise blue offer a daily slice of tropical paradise.  It’s amazing how much I love this product that I now use it myself!  Relax and floss, my readers!

Cocofloss 3-Piece Contains:

  • 3 units of Cocofloss (32 yds each)
  • Infused with wax, coconut oil, fruit oils, and aromas
  • Absorbs and scrubs for a deeper clean

Cocofloss 3-Piece (Health for Families)

List Price: $21 + FREE SHIPPING

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