Personalized Children’s Book “The Magic of my Name” by The Story Tailors


Personalized Children’s Books “The Magic of My Name” by The Story Tailors

Invite every child on a magical adventure to discover the meaning behind their name!

“The Magic of My Name” is a personalized and memorable children’s book that you can create in minutes!  This book invites every child to a magical adventure in order to find the meaning of their name.  “The Magic of My Name” focuses on each letter in the child’s name and adds adventure with a fun character trait.

Personalized Children’s Books. Surprise your child with the best-selling personalized book for kids!

Check it out!  Visit ‘The Magic of my Name’ website to create a personalized book for a child.  Check out a video about “The Magic of My Name” HERE!

“The Magic of My Name” is a unique book to each child. You can edit the physical characteristics of the main character of the story for free! You can also include a personal dedication without additional costs.  It is a perfect gift for any occasion!

  • 100% personalized gift.  Each name generates a unique and fully customized story for each child.
  • Discount in bulk! Up to 20% if you buy more than one book!
  • Charity!   “The Magic of My Name” is made in collaboration with “Save The Children”.  “Save The Children’ is a comprehensive care program focused on education as a way to help children have present and future opportunities.

Personalized Children’s Books “The Magic of My Name” by The Story Tailors

List Price: $ 29.99

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