The Day I Ran Away! (Hardcover)


The Day I Ran Away! (Hardcover)

“A sweet story where running away leads Grace right where she needs to be.” –Kirby Larson, Newbery Honor-Winning author

The Day I Ran Away!  made me laugh as I read the book to my girls.  I recounted a few times when I was young that I decided I would run away and end up hanging out in the woods or sometimes my roof (yup – my rooftop where I would sit and read books), but I was always back home for bedtime.  Ha!  In this adorable story,  little Grace calmly tells her Daddy about her disastrous day when she is getting tucked in at night.  Her favorite purple shirt was dirty, the Sugarific Toasted Squares were gone, and she was banished to her room after a tantrum.  Her only option, she decided, was to run away. As Grace and Daddy chat, the details of her daytime drama unfold: how Mom told Grace she’d miss her and packed her lunch to-go, how Grace got as far as the curb and remembered that she’s not allowed to cross the street, and how Mom suggested that Grace run away to the pop-up tent in the yard. Which she did.

The Day I Ran Away amusingly captures kids’ changeable moods, and introduces characters that young readers will relate to and care about.  Warm digital paintings offer fun details to keep little listeners busy. Kids can mimic the facial expressions of Grace and her dog, copy her poses for some soothing bedtime yoga, and of course, create a safe place to run away to when the injustices of Pre-K existence become too much to bear.  Witty, wacky, and warm, The Day I Ran Away is perfect for storytime, bedtime, or anytime you feel like running away–a spirited reminder that home is where the hugs (and cookies) are.

About the Author:  Holly L. Niner is a speech therapist and writer whose stories have appeared in many children’s magazines. Her picture books were designated as an IBBY Outstanding Book for Young People with Disabilities (2005), an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award winner (2006) and a Bank Street College of Education Best Book (2005).  Niner grew up in Newburgh, NY, where on a bad day she would run away with a book to a swing under a willow tree.  Holly lives in Fort Wayne, IN, and this is her third picture book.

About the Illustrator:  Isabella Ongaro is an illustrator who loves adventure, travel, and experiencing the joy in life. She has illustrated several books in her native Italian. Isabella grew up in Verona, Italy, where on a bad day she would run away to her garden shed to draw her cat in her notebook. She creates 2D animation, character designs for apps, and illustrations for the educational and fashion markets. Isabella lives in Paris, France, and this is her fourth picture book and her first in English.

The Day I Ran Away! (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.95 (Available on Amazon Prime)

One thought on “The Day I Ran Away! (Hardcover)

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review of my book, The Day I Ran Away. I love to hear that it’s enjoyed my kids and their parents. I’m glad it brought up memories you could share with your girls. It is so important for children to know that their parents were children once too!

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