Our Dog Benji (Hardcover)


Our Dog Benji (Hardcover)

Title will be released March 7, 2017.

Through a warm, funny story about a child, his family and their much-loved pet dog, Our Dog Bengi encourages picky eaters to try new foods.

Our preschooler usually says, “I don’t like it” when she sees dinner – until she actually tries it.  She is a child that loves dairy and fruit, but can be picky about meat and veggies.  As a whole our family are adventurous eaters that love a wide variety of food, so our youngest child’s hesitance to try different meals can be a little perplexing.  While she is getting a more wide-ranging appetite in foods she enjoys we do make an effort to continue offering interesting and healthy choices with every meal.  As someone who didn’t like raw tomatoes until I was in my 20s, I realize tastes can change and to not give up trying foods you think you don’t like!  Our family really enjoyed reading the new EK Book Our Dog Benji that focuses on a dog’s willingness to eat anything versus a child’s picky eating habits especially when it comes to the ‘green stuff’.

Benji is a dog who will eat anything!  The child in Benji’s home is in awe of Benji’s desire to try anything (even bugs!) that he decides to be more adventurous in his eating habits.  Benji’s wild palate is offset by the child’s internal thoughts of his standards for food. It’s an encouraging book to show kids that even if you may not like celery, you can try lots of different healthy choice options, especially vegetables.  It’s a wonderful message with an adorable lead character in the broccoli loving, daffodil eating dog, Benji.  A cool insight is that illustrator James Henderson is the author, Pete Carter’s nephew, making this picture book a family affair.  BTW, we noticed the Velvet Underground and Primal Scream vinyl illustration on one of the pages – Nice!

About the Author:  Pete Carter is a writer and photographer, and the author of two previous books of poetry. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Wellington, New Zealand. One of his dogs is the muse for ‘Our Dog Benji’; the other hopes to star in Pete’s next book.

About the Illustrator:  James Henderson was never far from a pencil or pen as a child, and at school was infamous for his caricatures of teachers. After studying illustration and design at Massey University, James now works as a freelance illustrator for corporate clients. For the last two years James has operated as a freelance illustrator for corporates including one of New Zealand’s major banks. More recently, one of James’ illustrations can now be seen on the screens of all Kiwi Bank ATM machines.

Our Dog Benji (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99

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