Guard Your Grin with Pearly Wipes (Beauty for Moms)


Guard Your Grin with Pearly Wipes (Beauty for Moms)

Whether it’s lipstick smudges, pressed juice or coffee stains – all-natural Pearly Wipes will instantly clean up your kisser
and safely restore your teeth to snow-white with a single swab.

Are you a daily coffee drinker like me?  I’ve always used mints and gum to mask the coffee breath in between brushing, but I found an even better way to clean your teeth and your breath while on-the-go.  While mints and gum can inject unwanted and extra sugar into your mouth and teeth, there is another healthier way to freshen your mouth.

Your smile is your strongest asset, so don’t let lipstick and all the healthy fare you’re eating dull your grin.  No matter the smile assailant – from lipstick and coffee, to pressed juice and açai bowls – all-natural Pearly Wipes will instantly clean up your kisser and safely restore your teeth with a single swab.  The individual, one-time use swabs are in a slim packet, so they slip into a wallet, pocket or purse, and are easy to apply on the sly. The all-natural formula won’t harm your enamel.  The best part is that Pearly Wipes boasts a pleasing peppermint flavor that refreshes your breath.  Pearly Wipes was created by Kimberly Walker, the founder of Crafted by Borracha, and creator of Wine Wipes.  “Cheers” to looking great while eating and drinking well!

Pearly Wipes comes in a single box of 12 wipes, a pack of two boxes (24 wipes total), and in a stylish, slim mirrored compact case of 15 wipes. Pearly Wipes is available online at and on Amazon

About Crafted by Borracha:  Crafted by Borracha is the maker of Wine Wipes and Pearly Wipes, two products that were borne from the unwavering conviction that you can look dynamite and feel confident while indulging freely and enjoying life to the fullest. All-natural Wine Wipes is the only single-use flavor-neutral product on the market that removes embarrassing red wine stains with a single swab without affecting the palate. Pearly Wipes, an all-natural peppermint-flavored wipe, instantly removes stains caused by a host of everyday sources, such as pressed juice, lipstick and coffee – all the while refreshing your breath.

Guard Your Grin with Pearly Wipes (Beauty for Moms)

List Price: $ 15.00 for Pearly Wipes Compacts 2-pack ($7.95 MSRP/box)


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