Stevensteven “Foreverywhere” (Music for Families)


Stevensteven “Foreverywhere” (Music for Families)

STEVENSTEVEN is Steve Burns, former host of beloved children’s television show Blue’s Clues, and Steven Drozd, Grammy award winning musical mastermind behind The Flaming Lips. FOREVERYWHERE is their new album of everybody music for everyone.

Out February 24, 2017!

My very first day of high school in a small SE Ohio city in Appalachia, I decided I couldn’t keep my inner-weirdness inside any longer and pledged I would find my own band of freaks.  I never particularly cared if people liked me, but it was exhausting trying to be a ‘normal’ in social situations even if I wasn’t particularly social.  At lunch, I saw a group of kids sitting on the floor in the cafeteria wearing grunge clothes and decided to join them.  This introduction opened up my social circle.  Music has always been the one element that I could bring to the table.  I have strong opinions, fancied myself a song-writer (which no one knew but me at that time) and I was drawn to the grunge music and scene for reasons that seem very self explanatory to me.  Those freaks on the floor became part of my family.  I saw Pink Floyd in concert (Division Bell tour) with them that year, I honed my guitar skills and began to play in front of others because of them, and I was able to maintain my own unique identity and never felt the need to change who I was because they accepted me.  My weirdness and quirks suddenly seemed ‘normal’ and I realized that maybe life could be a lot different than what I had grown accustomed to at school.  I loved the learning, but hated the feeling I had to be a certain way.  If other kids felt they stuck out like a sore thumb, they hid it well – that is, until I met that group on my first day of high school.  I have a hard time with the ability to accept situations as they are if it doesn’t feel right and I now had a group of people -friends- that stuck by me to say, “Hey!  We get it! Everything is cool between us.”  Sometimes all you need is just one person who gets you to make things seem better.  Sometimes all you need is one song that speaks to you to make you feel understood.  The debut album by the group Stevensteven brought all of those feelings of my first day of high school back to me when I heard it and it felt….AMAZING!

darksideI love me some ‘Dark Side!”

If you would have told me to check out a new children’s album that includes Steve Burns (the original host of Blue’s Clues) and Steven Drozd (The Flaming Lips), I probably would have initially laughed.  Luckily, I listened to the first song “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow” (go listen NOW!) without knowing how awesome it was and I was blown away!  My mind immediately wanted to compare it to the psychedelic sounds and narratives along the lines of a Pink Floyd album.  Yes, I’m just as shocked when I’m writing this and you may be in reading it.  The more I listened, the more the lyrics tugged at my ear with dramatic expressive themes that any one can gravitate to while having some extremely impressive guitar and what sounds like analog synthesizers that I really miss from a lot of modern rock-ish music.  While the sounds are always complex, you have some interesting lyrics with tracks like “OK Toilet Bowl” (positive potty training!) and the surprisingly educational, “A Fact is a Gift You Give Your Brain.”  If you are looking for smart music to listen to with your kids and dig psychedelic 60s and 70s rock, this album is made for your family!  Come for the curiosity, and you will stay for the entertainment.  Now this is an album I would purchase on vinyl and put the cover on my wall as decoration.  Well done, Stevensteven!

“Foreverywhere” Track Listing:

  1. The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow
  2. Mimic Octopus
  3. A Fact is a Gift that You Give Your Brain
  4. OK Toilet Bowl
  5. Space Rock Rock
  6. The Lonely Unicorn is Never Giving Up!
  7. If You’re Ginormous and You Know It
  8. I Won’t Let you Change Who I Am
  9. The Happy Then Sad Then Triumphant Spider
  10. I’m Up
  11. Foreverywhere


This post is dedicated to my former ‘Finance Family’.  For being ourselves and keeping our ducks in a row.  You hold a special place in my heart!

About Stevensteven:  Stevensteven began writing music together in the early aughts when Burns was recording his first solo effort Songs for Dustmites in the upstate New York studio owned by The Flaming Lips producer – where Drozd was staying.  Drozd was impressed with what he heard and the two began their first collaboration within thirty minutes of meeting.  The duo wrote “I Hog The Ground” for a Groundhog’s Day episode of Nickelodeon’s “Jack’s Big Music Show.”

Stevensteven “Foreverywhere” (Music for Families)

List Price: $ 9.99 (Available on iTunes)


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