What This Story Needs Is a Bang and a Clang (A Pig in a Wig Book) (Hardcover) (Local Austin, Texas Author)


What This Story Needs Is a Bang and a Clang (A Pig in a Wig Book) (Hardcover)

Join Pig and her friends in their latest adventure as they get ready to put on the best show ever!

My family has a slight obsession with local children’s author, Emma J. Virján’s, Pig in a Wig series.  You can check out my earlier reviews of What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig, What This Story Needs Is a Hush and a Shush and What This Story Needs Is a Munch and a Crunch to understand more!  It goes without saying that my girls were so excited to get the latest book in the Pig series called What This Story Needs Is a Bang and a Clang.

Full Disclosure!   I’m just going to say it.  Emma J. Virján is my favorite children’s author that I have ever met – and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot.  It has actually made me feel a little unsure of writing a review of her latest book in her A Pig in a Wig series, What This Story Needs Is a Bang and a Clang, because maybe I’m too biased!  I can’t help it.  She’s my daughter’s favorite author and lives right here in Austin, Texas and has been so generous with her time.  She did a book reading at my daughter’s school and when she did a reading of her book at the Texas Book Festival, Brooke was right with her on stage – dressed as a little Pig in a Wig!  Emma even signed a copy of my daughter’s cherished book and gave her a pig-snout, which she has on the corner of her bed stand so she can see it at night.  She has and carries around Emma’s Pig in a Wig bookmarks – so we may be a little ‘pig’ crazy here at ‘Momma’s Bacon!’  I love that my daughter has a favorite author because Emma is someone she can look up to and it gets her excited about reading, so of course I had to review Emma’s latest book.  It just took me some time to write the review to make sure I wasn’t gushing too obviously.  Ha.

Emma Emma2 Emma3  Brooke’s Obsession with A Pig in A Wig!

Austin’s official motto is the “Live Music Capital of the World” because on any given night, one can find over one hundred venues to go check out to your heart’s desire.  It seems fitting that the Pig in the Wig books by a local Austinite would incorpoate musical elements into its latest book.  Pig is getting ready to have a concert; she builds a stadium, recruits friends, and is ready to take stage as the musical conductor.

What this story needs is a pig in a wig,

building a stage, arranging a stand,

and getting ready to conduct the Pig in a Wig Band.

But when a surprise guest shows up onstage, scaring Elephant, there’s a BANG and a CLANG as everyone topples over! Will Pig and her friends be able to get back on track to finish the show? As the say in show (and music!) business, the ‘show must go on’.  As the animals gather their bearings, they set the stage of a wonderful concert for all the animals to hear.  Magnificant!  From author-illustrator Emma J. Virján comes another funny read-aloud with catchy, rhythmic text and big, bold illustrations.

Book trailer alert: What This Story Needs is a Bang and a Clang by

Pssst!  Hey Austinites!  A Pig in a Wig Book series is by local author Emma J. Virján.  Check out her website here for more information and FREE Printables:  http://www.emmavirjan.com.

About the Author/Illustrator:  Emma J. Virján was born under an Aries moon on a Wednesday, her dad’s bowling night. She loves to draw and work in her garden, and she often lets her dog sleep on the couch. She makes her home in Austin, Texas, where she spends her days as an illustrator and graphic designer. Unlike Pig, Emma has never worn a wig, but she is thinking of buying one—a red one, of course. Visit her at \ www.emmavirjan.com.

What This Story Needs Is a Bang and a Clang (A Pig in a Wig Book) (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)


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