Fun and Function Rockin Rocker Board

Fun and Function Rockin Rocker Board

Different sizes for kids, teens or adults. Snuggle up with some calming pressure or work on rocking and balance skills.


Children who have Developmental Coordination Disorder (also known as dyspraxia in the UK), have a motor skill developmental delay that affects many aspects of their lives especially at school such as handwriting , activities in PE and playing on playground equipment.  Unfortunately, this common disorder is not well known in the United States and many kids suffer in silence or their disorder is attributed to other issues like ADHD and behavioral disorders.  Many teachers, doctors, and parents in the US are unaware of DCD and children can be labeled as lazy and uncooperative which can label them as disruptive when they are not given the proper treatment such as occupational therapy.  DCD DOES NOT GO AWAY OR GET BETTER ON ITS OWN and can cause a lifelong issue and lead to things like depression, anxiety, and failure for a person to fulfill their potential.  If your child is having issues with coordination, it is necessary to get an evaluation completed by an Occupational Therapist and do a follow-up plan that includes OT sessions that can last for months to years.


The wonderful thing is there are many tools that OTs use to help children with balance and coordination.  One of Brooke’s favorite items is something called a Rockin Rocker Board by Fun and Function.  Don’t just take my word for it, Rockin Rocker Board is recommended by therapists!

Therapist Pick:  When I need a board that’s sturdy and dependable, I grab this. It will support any of my clients who need balance training. Ilana Danneman, Physical Therapist and Product Developer at Fun and Function

Uses for Home  Perfect for clinics, schools or home use. Use in multiple positions and activities — sitting, kneeling, standing, and even playing catch.



Common symptoms of DCD:

  • Ball skills like kicking, catching and throwing
  • Hopping, jumping and running
  • Negotiating stairs
  • Using scissors accurately and holding them properly
  • Writing and drawing, which appear scribbled or not age-appropriate
  • Tying shoelaces, fastening buttons or getting dressed
  • Keeping still for the same length of time children of the same age are able to

1 in 10.  Odds are you know someone with Dyspraxia.  Dyspraxia Foundation USA knows the odds of those living with dyspraxia.  Their foundation is financed entirely through donations and member subscriptions. They are working hard to provide information about, and personal stories from, people and families living with dyspraxia. This information gives valuable input to families of those struggling with this condition. Your generous contribution will provide aid by funding Dyspraxia Foundation USA. Continued funding is very important because it will enable them to reach out to our friends in the 6% to 10% of the population who have dyspraxia.  Their vision is a society where developmental dyspraxia is more widely accepted and acknowledged. Donate Today!

Catherine Loria’s Story “As far as advice to others, especially to parents raising a child with dyspraxia, she says, “Don’t give up. Keep fighting for your child and get help. If a doctor or teacher isn’t helpful or listening to you, try and find another doctor/teacher who will listen.”

About Fun and Function:  Kids with Special Needs are AWESOME! Fun and Function creates therapeutic toys and tools that are fun, stylish, and affordable. Empowering Different.  Philadelphia, PA Company.  Made in the USA!

Hassle-Free Returns: Fun and Function guarantee your satisfaction. New and unused items are eligible for a full refund within 90 days.See Details.

Fun and Function Rockin Rocker Board

List Price: $ 69.99


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