Lip Rewind Divine Shine Lip Gloss by Miracle Skin Transformer (Beauty for Moms)


Lip Rewind Divine Shine Lip Gloss by Miracle Skin Transformer  (Beauty for Moms)

Miracle Skin Transformer is designed to be your all-in-one skin treatment to Hydrate, Enhance & Protect your skin.

I know I’ve explained this many times before, but I have dry skin, including my lips, so I am very particular about what kind of lipstick, chapstick, or lip gloss that I wear.  I actually prefer to wear lip gloss because I like a little color to my lips yet I also need something that will moisturize as the same time.  I was really excited to hear about the new Lip Rewind Divine Shine Lip Gloss by Miracle Skin Transformer because it is supposed to be a lip gloss that is a nourishing lip balm but made with two shades that give your lips a nice shine.  With normal lip gloss, I feel like I have to re-apply many times each day in order to condition my lips, but I found with the Lip Rewind that I only need to reapply the gloss once or twice a day which is awesome!

What makes the Miracle Skin Transformer Gloss work so well?  That’s easy.  It’s that the ingredients in the gloss offer maximum lip protection while also giving your lips a non-tacky lightly colored shine.  I really love it!  The gloss is infused with Shea Butter as well as Vitamin E that you can really feel work too make your lips soft.  The two shades that are available are Sublime and Adore, but which work on all skin types and tones and it is a reflective gloss that has high shine but does not feel ‘sticky’.  One of my favorite things about this lip gloss is how it is packaged.  It comes in a pen-shaped container with a soft slant-tip for simple application and it also just looks cool.  Considering how fast I can go through chapstick, I do not mind paying a little more for a lip gloss that essentially does the same thing but even better because it gives my lips a nice luminous color.  If you are looking for a lip gloss to get you through these winter months (aka prime chapped lip weather), definitely check out this new gloss from Miracle Skin Transformer.



  • Hydrate – Infused with Shea Butter-imparts the reparative, deep-conditioning of a balm, delivers lasting moisturization to keep lips smooth and exceptionally soft.  Give lips a layer of ultra-sheer, moisturizing color.
  • Protect – Enriched with Vitamin E – delivers anti-oxidant protection.

How To Apply:  Apply all over lips for an ultra-glossy high shine finish. Can be used as a topper with other lip products to add brilliance and dimensional shine, or alone for a touch of luxe luster.

Lip Rewind Divine Shine Lip Gloss by Miracle Skin Transformer  (Beauty for Moms)

List Price: $ 20.00 (I found a deal through Amazon to get a 2-pk for 30!)


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