Amelia Bedelia Storybook Treasury #2 (Classic) (Hardcover)


Amelia Bedelia Storybook Treasury #2 (Classic) (Hardcover)

Three classic stories about Amelia Bedelia—Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia, Amelia Bedelia and the Cat, and Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off—plus fun games, puzzles, a recipe, an adorable cover, and a great price—make the Amelia Bedelia Storybook Treasury an irresistible read-aloud, a perfect gift book, and a terrific way to improve reading comprehension and expand vocabulary!

This is really cool news for all the Amelia Bedelia fans out there!  Back in 2012, HarperCollins imprint re-released an original book that was written by a third grade teacher fifty years ago about a housekeeper that has trouble with words.  I know I’ve mentioned a million times that I practically read all the books in the children’s section of the library growing up and Amelia was one that I thought was hilarious.  Even fifty years ago author Peggy Parish (1927-1988) knew that children were not going to read books if it did not interest them.  Her insight into a third grader’s mind as a teacher and how young children can mix-up words to come up with a completely different meaning than intended is what makes Amelia so heart-warming and funny to kids.   There are lots of books that stand the test of time and Amelia is one.  Your child will laugh at how Amelia follows her list of instructions (‘Dust the furniture’ turns into Amelia throwing dust around the room) and the slapstick that ensues.  If you want to chuckle at life and give your child a reason to find reading and words funny, check out this book.

Now there is a new Amelia Bedelia Storybook treasuries that are the re-imagining of three classic stories about Amelia by her nephew, Herman Parish.  The stories include Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia, Amelia Bedelia and the Cat, and Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off and has excellent educational materials like games, puzzles, and even recipes to go along with this book.  If you are an Amelia fan, than you know that with Amelia Bedelia, anything can happen—and it usually does! This storybook collection features three beloved and bestselling I Can Read Level 2 stories about Amelia Bedelia and the books are great for reading together and ideal for children just learning to read on their own. Amelia Bedelia’s legendary mix-ups with words, idioms, and language make practicing reading comprehension and expanding vocabulary fun. This 192-page book is illustrated in full color throughout and also features games, puzzles, and activities perfect for new readers.  LOVE!

About the Author:  Herman Parish was in the fourth grade when his aunt, Peggy Parish, wrote the first book about Amelia Bedelia. The author lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

About the Illustrator:  Lynn Sweat has illustrated many Amelia Bedelia books, including Go West, Amelia Bedelia! He and his wife live in Connecticut.

Amelia Bedelia Storybook Treasury #2 (Classic) (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 11.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)


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