BrushyBall The Toothbrush Training Coach


BrushyBall The Toothbrush Training Coach

Teeth light up in six sections and BrushyBall speaks to coach brushers to focus on the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of all teeth for two minutes.

I was slightly shocked when at the dentist a year ago, he told my husband and I that the American Dental Association recommends that parents continue to brush their children’s teeth twice a day until they are at least six years old.  Six?  Was that new?  How did I not know that?  By age six (or sometimes seven!), children should be able to brush their own teeth twice a day but the ADA caveats that with saying that children still often require supervision while brushing until age 10 or 11.  My then-five year old was sitting in the dentist chair, no cavities (yeah!), and Bob and I looked at each other like, “Really?!?  Wow!”  Brooke took it very seriously, too.  Our daughter, who had been brushing her teeth on her own under our supervision for well over a year started getting her teeth brushed by us for another year.  I am no stranger to the dentist chair and having work done on my teeth and I sure as heck wanted to make sure our girls teeth weren’t vulnerable to cavities.

Now that Brooke is six I started wondering if she was brushing each area in her mouth for the right amount of time.  We have done timers and have used electric toothbrushes that signal how long you need to brush your teeth (two minutes each time you brush!), but not a visual to show her which area of teeth to brush while doing it.  I recently heard about a product called BrushyBall, which is new to the market, that I thought was a brilliant tool for our newly independent tooth brusher.  BrushyBall shows children just how long and where they need to brush in each quadrant of the teeth in their mouth for the full two minutes twice a day and though – Ah ha!  What a great tool that would be for Brooke!  As you know, I not only test out these products for my family, I also like to review them on my blog so others can hear about great products we have tried, so now I’m going to tell you about BrushyBall.

FIRSTcheck out the BrushyBall Demonstration Video HERE because it helps to have a visual….I’ll wait for you….

Done?  OK!  BrushyBall is the first parent-invented children’s product to deliver coaching when brushers (and remember, ADA is recommending supervision for brushers ages 6-10!) need it most. BrushyBall actually coaches children while they brush with lighted teeth and a voice guide telling brushers when and where to focus on the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces of all teeth for two minutes in the form of a follow-the-leader game.  BrushyBall can coach kids in English, Spanish or Music Solo each time they brush.


Can I tell you why I think BrushyBall is so great?  It’s because I tested it out on myself for a few days, too.  If left to my own devices, was I actually brushing correctly and for the amount of time needed for each area?  I used my cell phone as a timer and brushed with a regular (not my usual electric) toothbrush to see if I was brushing for 1. A FULL two minutes and 2. If I was brushing each section for the proper amount of time.  Even though I knew I was timing myself (and the fact I am an adult and should know how to brush by now), there were times that I would rush through brushing, especially in the morning.  D’oh!  I knew that if I wasn’t doing it right each time, my kid probably was doing the same thing, too.  I can oversee her brushing all I want, but if I wasn’t physically controlling the toothbrush, how did I know for sure?  Even with all the timers and fancy electric toothbrushes, if you aren’t reaching your entire tooth with enough time, your teeth could accumulate bacteria and we all know what that means.  CAVITIES!  UGH.  So we tried BrushyBall.

Luckily, Brooke is at an age where she was excited to play a game while brushing her teeth and the Mr. Potato Head-looking face with teeth was a fun novelty for her.  However, I knew that BrushyBall was actually giving her a coaching lesson on brushing that would establish healthy brushing habits for life.  To be honest, if the dentist had not told us about the importance of parental oversight of brushing until well after elementary school, I probably wouldn’t have thought that much about her brushing on her own – that is, unless she had gotten a cavity.  I have so much dental anxiety from my own teeth issues (especially with my Vitamin D deficiency issues! UGH!) that it actually makes me a little queasy to think of my child having to get her tooth drilled and filled.  BrushyBall is almost like having another dental insurance policy without paying additional premiums!  If you brush right the first time, the hope is you won’t get cavities and so far, so good.  I would buy a million BrushyBalls if it meant Brooke would never have a cavity, but luckily, I can feel good knowing that she is brushing right with help from BrushyBall and, yes, Bob and I are still watching now as the tooth brushing oversight police.  A healthy mouth is really that important and I keep up-to-date on the ADA’s new policies.  Win-win.

BrushyBall The Toothbrush Training Coach

List Price: $ 29.95 + tax


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