Demeter’s pumpkin pie scented perfume (Thanksgiving Post)


Demeter’s pumpkin pie scented perfume (Thanksgiving Post)

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According to a study at the Monell Institute in Philadelphia, the smell of Pumpkin Pie increases the arousal level in men by 40%.  Interesting, although I’m not surprised!  The delicious spicy aroma and sweetness of pumpkin pie reminds me of happy memories around Thanksgiving, it also makes me FEEL THANKFUL.  Actually, the entire holiday season makes me feel special because my greatest childhood memories are being around my cousins, grandparents, and out in the country where we would eat great food, watch football, and play card games until our hearts content.  Not a huge fan of my public school, it also meant long breaks from school where I could decompress.  The scent of pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and clove is a strong scent that makes all those memories flood back and I like to be surrounded by it especially around Thanksgiving.  If I knew I could bottle it up years ago, I’d have been touting around Demeter’s Pumpkin Pie perfume a LONG time ago.  That’s the great thing about the internet, it can connect us to stores and items that are states away, in this case, the great state of Pennsylvania. 

It’s a little hard to write a review on a perfume without an invention of smell-o-screen, but trust me if you want to find the scent of pumpkin pie that you so crave, than this is it.  Demeter has lovingly bottled up this childhood memory so that I can now wear it everyday.  While they have an amazing collection of fragrances, including perfumes just for your Zodiac sign (mine smells like the ‘ocean’ for the record), I am drawn to the reason for the season.  OK, ok – it’s about family and thankfulness and all that – but it’s also about PIE.  PUMPKIN PIE.  This perfume makes me HAPPY.  If you can bottle up happiness than Demeter has found the formula, so check it out.

Oh – and if you are looking for a fab scent for the Christmas season, be sure to look into the Vanilla Bark, Demeter Naturals.  YUMMY!

Coupon Code:  For Opening Order Discount use Promo Code: CODE25 at Checkout.

About Demeter: Demeter is a family owned and operated business.  They try and extend that passionate and caring dynamic to all of their fans, as part of the extended Demeter family.  All Demeter products are made in their Pennsylvania factory, here in the USA.  All Demeter products are either made by hand, or manufactured semi-automatically and finished by hand.  All fragrances are batched by hand.

Demeter’s pumpkin pie scented perfume (Thanksgiving Post)

List Price: $10.80 (1/2 oz Cologne Purse Spray)


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