Small Veriglass Pumpkin Spice by Root Candles (Thanksgiving Post)


Small Veriglass Pumpkin Spice by Root Candles (Thanksgiving Post)

There is nothing that gets me in the mood for the fall and Thanksgiving season like the smell of pumpkin spice.  I was looking for the perfect Fall candle and it happened to come from a company from my home state of Ohio called Root!  They make the most sophisticated candle with a pumpkin spice scent that looks oh-so-elegant in a Root’s Veriglass candle. What’s Veriglass?  Veriglass means a “thin coating of ice” and was the inspiration to creating this classic looking candle holder.  It’s lovely.

The Veriglass container has Root’s premium Legacy beeswax which is an all-natural beeswax blend that burns longer than other premium candles.  The particular candle I got is just 6.3 oz but can burn for up to 45 hours!  WOW.  Root’s does not skimp on the premium quality of their fragrances and includes pure essential oils in each of their fragrances which produces a rich, lasting sensory experience. All of Root’s Veriglass candles feature an all-natural cotton (lead free) wick for a clean, long-lasting candle burning experience – which I want with two small children in the house.  Interested in other scents?  The Veriglass candles come in up to 42 luxurious fragrances and a wide variety of trending designer colors.  Oh la la!  Bring on the pumpkin pie!

Yes, it is Made in USA.

Burn Time: Up to 45 hours
Fragrance Description: (Pumpkin Spice) Fresh pumpkin, ground cinnamon and nutmeg, along with clove, ginger and pumpkin puree. Also infused with brown sugar, vanilla creme and musk.
PROMO CODE!  Root Candles is currently doing a special promo code for 40% off on purchases: “REVIEWERFALL2016” The code is valid until November 20, 2016.

Small Veriglass Pumpkin Spice by Root Candles (Thanksgiving Post)

List Price: $ 14.00

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