La La La Album by Priscilla Ahn Out Now!



La La La Album by Priscilla Ahn Out Now!

Ethereal-voiced folk-pop musician and internationally touring artist Priscilla Ahn will release an album of 12 original songs for children and their grownups, La La La, on October 28.

Children’s songs don’t always get me so emotional, but in the case of Priscilla Ahn’s new album ‘La La La’, I was choking back tears.  OK, I was actually almost sobbing on one song.  Le sigh.  I admit it.  It’s so great to hear Priscilla’s music through the lyrics (aka the ‘eyes’) of a new mom.  Long in the planning, the spark that brought La La La to fruition came when Ahn and her husband, actor Michael Weston, welcomed the birth of their son in November 2015. By turns whimsical, playful, and loving, the album’s dozen tracks include “Body Sounds” (“Hey, you got a nice belly bongo/ It likes to go wherever you go”), “Dust Bunny” (which provides reassurance for scary times) and the soothing “Desert Lullaby.”  Side note:  Priscilla isn’t NEW to the music scene, Priscilla’s lovely and heartfelt songs have enhanced numerous TV shows and films, the latest being the theme song for the Studio Ghibli film “When Marnie Was There.”  However, ‘La La La’ is a different kind of album that hit home for my family.  When you embark on parenthood, life changes you.  Kids change you.  It’s expected but unexpected at the same time and probably why I started gravitating to children’s music when my oldest daughter was young.  I finally GOT it.

While I’m a fan of the entire La La La album, I have a HUGE WARNING:  Don’t listen to ‘Forever and Ever’ unless you know you aren’t going to cry.  Why?  Priscilla was writing this album as she was pregnant with her first child and the lyrics in this song particularly hit home to me as I watch my two young daughters (now six and a newly minted three year old) with that same wonderment and eventual abandonment of being their most favorite human being in the world.  Sure, I’ll always be mom, and sure, they will always love me (right?!?) – but there is a HUGE innocence and needing of a mom when you are young that you can never recapture as they grow.  It’s the most beautiful and heartbreaking thing about being a mom.  You are teaching and wanting your child to not need you, but while still wanting them to want to be with you.  So when I hear the lyrics like, “One day you will go to school leaving me behind and when you come home you’ll want to be alone and, baby, that’s just fine.  ‘Cause in my heart, I’ll know, you’ll remember all the places we are going today – to play, making funny faces.”  “….And even though your life carries on, I’ll be here if things go wrong.”  You and I – forever and ever.  Oh, it hits you RIGHT in the heart, my sweet mommas.  It’s a beautiful album with a bunch of gems and you can easily listen to with kids or your young babies.  I think I’m in love.  


Track Listing:

  1. Body Sounds
  2. Elephant
  3.  All By Myself
  4.  Forever And Forever
  5.  Vampire
  6.  Leaves
  7.  Des Jeunes Filles Et Des Fleur
  8.  Dust Bunny
  9.  Little Boat
  10.  In My Bed
  11.  Desert Lullaby
  12. Oyasumi

A stirring interpretation of parental tenderness and childhood reverie, La La La is Ahn’s kid-style return to her grown-up hit songs “Dream” and “A Good Day.” Ahn says that the new album is “kind of hopeful sounding and innocent and simple in its instrumentation, with songs that I feel kids can relate to, emotionally and sonically.” No matter the age of her target audience, the Korean-American artist says, Being genuine in my lyrics and in my connection to my songs—for that to come through—is really important to me.”

Congrats!  Breaking news, Priscilla Ahn Wins 2016 NAPPA and Family Choice Awards for Her First Children’s Album ‘La La La’.  Yeah!  To learn more, please click to the AXS interview with Priscilla.

Check it out!  The album insert is a coloring book with art by Ros Lee (Polkaros)


La La La Album by Priscilla Ahn Out Now!

List Price: $ 15.99 (The album is available from most music retailers, including Amazon and iTunes)


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