Godors The Athletic Gear Spray


Godors The Athletic Gear Spray

“You sweat it.  Godors gets it.”

Kids play hard and that makes them STINK.  A mom who had the know-how from the cosmetics business was able to formulate a product (which delightfully smells like bubblegum) to keep her kids and her husband’s gear from making the house smell like a locker room.  The product quickly caught on and she started making it for other players and friends.  As the he demand quickly started to increase it became her mission to stop this horrible odor and all the germs it meant.  She invested in bottles and started manufacturing Godor on a large scale and the rest is history!  This product is awesome for the stinky shoe syndrome and I’ve started using it in my kid’s backpacks and other gear.  Priceless!

  • Godors™ is concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable and it works.
  • Ideal for hockey and lacrosse gear that never has enough time to dry out so it smells.
  • A special blend of all natural antifungal solution and a blend of alcohol is what makes this product work.
  • This 12 oz spray bottle is ideal because it dispenses a lot of solution making treatment fast.
  • We do not recommend carrying this bottle in your gear bag.
  • In some cases, excessive abuse has damaged or loosen the trigger.
  • Instead keep bottle where ever you store your gear (i.e.: closet or garage).  We suggest the 2 oz travel bottle for gear bag.

Why Godors™ Spray Works 

  • A blend of alcohols
  • Mixed with a anti fungal solution (Patented Formula contains Tea Tree Oil & Olive Leaf Extract)
  • Testing shows it kills both bacteria and fungi
  • Highly concentrated
  • Fun Bubble Gum fragrance
  • Kid doesn’t smell anymore

About Godors:  The creator of Godors was a newly retired mom with 30 years experience in the cosmetic and special effects makeup industry.  She knew chemicals and the need to keep makeup gem free.  Why couldn’t she make a spray for odor? She started blending alcohols, and antifungul solutions with different fragrances and Godors™ was formulated.  Gear smells because of bacteria but mostly because of fungus.  Kill the bacteria and the fungi and you kill the smell.

Godors The Athletic Gear Spray


List Price: $ 14.95 (12 oz. spray) (Godors™ formula is available in several different sizes. 12 oz. Spray Bottle, 2 oz. Travel Size and 1.7ml Purse Size. )


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