Spoil Your Loved Ones with a Spoil Box!


Spoil Your Loved Ones with a Spoil Box!

Find a Beautiful Gift for the Loved Ones in Your Life!

The two biggest things I have learned over the past two years that have helped me as a parent and a person is learning how to properly reflect on life and the idea of ‘permanence’; that all thoughts and feelings have a time and place and that they are subject to change over time.  These ideas got me through a post-partum anxiety and major depression at a time when I didn’t see a light at the end of the road, but I knew I wanted to turn that around and get excited about life again.  Writing posts on my blog became a great way for me to work through my feelings and get back to having gratitude and appreciation in my life that seemed to fly out the window during my own depression.  Words became easier to write, I started to make great connections again, and I started to treat myself with a lot of compassion and the gratefulness and zest for life came roaring back to me, beating on the door to my brain and I was happy to open it again.  Too often we get so busy as parents that we don’t take the time to just THINK.  Some may call it procrastination, some may call it meditation and prayer, but giving yourself your own personal space to allow our thoughts to come to the surface to face things head on was a necessity to me.  While I write from my own personal experience, I also think a lot about those in my life who have struggled and found their own path to changing their situation.  While it’s not my story to tell, so I will tell it lightly as a bystander, I want to talk a little bit about my mother-in-law (AKA Mema) and why she deserves to be spoiled.

I met Bob’s mother when I was a teenager and she’s quite a different person than when we first met.  She had Bob when she was a teen herself, so both of her sons were almost adults at the time and she had been through many ups and lots of major downs along the way.  The impressive thing is, that at around age 40, she was able to go back to school and earn her Respiratory Therapy degree and license and began working at a local hospital.  While Bob was already an adult by this point, he was proud of what his mother achieved and she created a whole new life for herself.  Now in her 60s, she’s a loving and spoiling ‘Mema’ to our girls and we love when she comes and visits us in Austin from SE Ohio each year.  It’s hard to believe it was a year ago since her last visit and she will see Brooke as a new first grader and Brie, as a head-strong almost-three year old.  While I see the girls every day and know how much they have changed, I know it’s even more jarring and exciting to see just HOW MUCH when you don’t get to see them each day over the year.  As much as Mema loves to spoil her two granddaughters, Bob and I like to spoil her while she’s here!  After all, our distance is due to our job opportunities so we make the most out of the situation and the love and experiences we have together last us through the whole year.  It’s a time to CELEBRATE!

A big thing that Mema, Brooke, Bob and I all have in common is that we are all summer babies (Brie was born in the early fall, so she’s not far behind!)  Mema’s visits usually coincide with her late June birthday, so it’s fun and exciting for all of us – and Brie especially loves celebrating birthdays with CAKE.  I keep a box year round that I fill with new and fun items for Mema and this year it includes a box from a fab new company whose slogan is ‘Everyone Deserves to be Spoiled!’  Since Mema and I have our birthdays so close, we seem to have a like-mindset in things that we love, and she likes spa days and lovely scents as much as I do, so when I saw Spoil’s ‘A Box with Scents’, I knew it was a perfect thing for me to add as a gift to Mema’s annual box.  Yes, it’s a spoil box and rightly so!  ‘A Box with Scents’ can be highly personalized (which we did!) and we are so excited to be able to give it to her.  When you reflect on your life, you can see why and how you were able to go through the experiences that you did, it’s always fun to see where you have made wonderful choices to make your life better and this box is a great reminder of how far we have come.  Mema’s Spoil box includes all the things that she loves and, as it says in the description, ‘let her find the right letter and personal scent with these deluxe scented items that will have her feeling like a new woman’.  You are a lucky person if you get to see life come full circle and when I remember Mema’s life and where she is now, I enjoy being able to spoil her when I can.  Spoil box is for those special people in our life that love us and no matter what, we are family and we stick together and celebrate our successes together.  How special!

The Spoil experience includes:

  • High quality packaging with your recipients on it.
  • A personal note that’s actually personal!
  • Premium items that speak for themselves

A Box of ScentsA Box With ‘Scents’ (List Price: $45.00)

What’s in the box?
  • 1x Brooklyn Based Mullein & Sparrow Body Oil with a meditative scent of pure lavender essential oil from France. For an indulgent treat, pour a small amount of oil into a full bath and delight in the aromatherapy
  • Deluxe scent collection
  • 1x Etta Billie Freshly Scrub made out of ground artisanal coffee from San Francisco based Ritual Roaster + invigorating peppermint instantly uplift and energize

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Spoil Your Loved Ones with a Spoil Box!


List Price: $ Prices Vary Per Box

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