Albert and Sarah Jane (Storytime) (Paperback)


Albert and Sarah Jane (Storytime) (Paperback)

Albert and Sarah Jane were the very best of friends.

Albert the dog just can’t stop himself from eating Sarah Jane’s (the cat) favorite fishy nibbles. Albert only just NIBBLES little bits of her food when Sarah Jane is not looking until one day he couldn’t stop himself.  He ate and ate until both he and Sarah Jane’s breakfast is gone.  Oh no!  What will happen when Sarah Jane finds out there are none left for breakfast? Will fishy nibbles come between a hungry hound and his feline friend?  This is a wonderful book that talks about the importance of friendship, respecting people’s property and boundaries and the importance of learning from your mistakes.  Friends may have arguments, but they can also work things out and learn the importance of saying “I’m Sorry!” when they are wrong and not repeat their mistakes.  The bonus questions in the back gave Brooke and I a wonderful way to talk about this story in detail and how it applies to her friendships in real life.  It’s quite a gem!  This book is part of the QED Storytime series that introduces young children to the pleasure of reading and sharing stories, and includes supporting notes for parents and teachers.

About the Author:  MALACHY DOYLE is a prize-winning author of over 90 books for children of all ages. His stories have been translated into 23 different languages. He lives on a tiny island off the north-west coast of Ireland. Blast Off! is Malachy’s fourth QED Storytime book, after Albert and Sarah Jane, Digger and Lew and Danny, the Duck with No Quack.

About the Illustrator:  JO PARRY was born on the south coast of England in the early 1970s and spent her childhood in and around Dorset and the New Forest. As a child, she was inspired by books such as A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verse. Jo Parry subsequently completed five years at Art College and is now a professional illustrator and artist. She describes her artwork as “fun, bold, colour-inspired and unpretentious” and usually works in soft pastels. Her hobbies outside the artistic field include photography, travel, sport and cooking.

Albert and Sarah Jane (Storytime) (Paperback)

List Price: $8.95

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